28 June 2016

Check out my book 'The Seeker - 1'

Have you ever had questions in your mind about who you are, why you were born and what is the meaning of life?

Have you tried to grapple with the truth about how much you are worth, who God is and how you can face life ahead without fear?

'The Seeker -1' will help you find answers to these questions. This book is currently available only as an e-book. Those who would like to read it on the laptop will need to download the Kindle Cloud Reader for your browser first. It is available at this link... https://read.amazon.com/

Make an account in amazon.com and buy your own copy of 'The Seeker -1'.
Here's the link to my book... https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01GENAZQA
The cost of this book is Rs.200/- in Indian Rupees and $3.00 in USD

A Big 'Thank You' to my friends who read it and encouraged me with good reviews!

A special 'Thanks' to the very first reviewer who wrote "Conveys a strong message about God and Faith- both of which are the need of the hour. Whether you are a true believer or even if you are in a crisis of faith, this book will help ground you. Ms Decruz's faith shines through- her relationship with God comes across beautifully- It made me want to strengthen mine with God! Thanks a million for the book- keep writing and inspiring!"

If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you will be able to read this book free!!
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Happy Reading!