29 October 2018

Words of Life! - a new section of Henrietta's Blog

Words have power!

Let us learn, dig deep to discover life-giving truths from the Word!

Sometimes we wander in life without answers just because we haven't asked the right questions. What is the point in spending years in the darkness just because we are familiar with it when one spark of Light can drive away all the darkness and refresh us with renewed energy and vigor for life!

Let's hunger and thirst for 'Truth' and find the answers that will bring us solutions to make our life better!

This part of my blog titled 'Words of Life!' focuses on the amazing truth I encountered while reading the Word or by learning from teachings shared by others.

I hope you will find it refreshing and helpful to you in your life-walk! I will add new posts to this section with a number and WL before the title so it is easy to identify. (1 WL, 2 WL... etc)

If you find these posts are helpful to you and would be a blessing to someone else, do share it with them so that they can also gain from these insights.

I welcome you to share your insights and experiences in response to what I have written. However, do understand that I won't be able to respond to each of them.

I understand and acknowledge that there will be comments and views that I may not agree with. For these I would 'agree to disagree' in a respectful manner and request that all of us maintain peace at all times. Every person has a choice to believe what they want to believe. While we may see the benefits of holding our own beliefs we cannot force anyone to accept them for themselves. Each person will eventually reach the point of understanding these truths in their personal journey as they keep seeking the Truth.

Also do understand that I do not have answers to all questions but I can pray for you and hope that the Lord will send us answers to our questions and concerns.

May all of us grow in our walk with the Lord God, our heavenly Father and become all that He created us to be! 🙏🙏🙏

~ Henrietta Decruz
29th October 2018

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