10 December 2010

Freedom & Self Discovery

I've learnt that freedom is the space for self discovery... searching for the 'me' who is beneath all the conditioning I've lived with since birth... The road to self discovery is tough because I am confronted with opinions 'others' have about 'me' and the tendency is to believe them and not 'me'. I have learnt that it is important to overcome those obstacles such as 'what others think' and to allow myself the liberty to be 'me'. Though there is a price to pay for such freedom, (people misunderstand you and your intentions or see things their way) the final outcome is simply beautiful! The joy of reunion with 'self' cannot be expressed in words!!!

As I am learning to understand the meaning and essence of true freedom I am overwhelmed with admiration for the people from centuries before who fought in their time for the freedom that we take so much for granted... those who fought for the rights of slaves, the aboriginals, rights of women, children. The truth is that even today in some parts of the world there are those who live without the freedom we enjoy and the irony is... most people seem to be untouched by their plight in an age when everything is interconnected and one can communicate with the other end of the globe in split seconds!