19 February 2011

Lone Girl - Thoughts After Meeting A Gang-Rape Survivor

A fifteen year old girl
Has a chance encounter
With the harsh reality of the world
She meets a girl
Twelve years of age
A victim of gang rape.
Something happens
That transformed
That chance encounter
Into a beginning.

A beginning of sharing...
A pouring of the little girl’s heart
A rapid unfolding of words
Sighs and cries
Descriptions of the torment
She went through.
An unfortunate turn of events
That malformed her mind and body
Separated her from her family
Till she was left
In a remand home. 

Tormented by even
The shadow of a man.
Image result for lonely girl
She was raped by four men
Who were heartless
And wicked to the core.

Then again raped by policemen
Worse than the other men
Who took advantage
Of a poor vulnerable girl.
The safe-guarders of justice
Law and order
Who turned into fiends
Behind locked doors
Living a double life
Wearing numerous masks
Parading virtues
That didn’t know them.

Emotionally raped by her family
Who disowned her
Threw her out of the confines of safety
Into a cruel world
Of wolves hungry for blood.
Her eyes looked with longing
For a visitor, anyone who knew her
To come and share a few moments
Or take her home.
Her faith in humans died
And in sorrow her heart cried
Day after day
Night after night.

Spiritually raped by human society
That killed her within
At such a tender age...
Imprisoned her within walls
Instead of her tormentors!
Her innocence mauled
Her flesh seared
Her heart and mind scarred
Her future robbed of every good thing
Even little pleasures...
She sat in a corner
And cried
Cause that was all she could do.

Lone girl, my heart mourns
Deep sobs and fathomless groans
I heard your words
I saw your tears
I felt your pain
The gnawing fears
That killed your dreams
Muffled your screams
And made you go through
What no child should have seen.
How helpless you must have been!

Years have gone by
I feel my heart cry
Remembering your ordeal.
Life took me through
Some pain of my own
So I know
How cruel people can be
But none of it compares
To the pain you had to bear!

I wonder, I think...
What these years gone by
Would have been for you...
Where are you today?
Has your life changed
for the better?
Meeting you changed my life
Wonder if I could do something
To change yours for the better.

-Henrietta Decruz 

11 February 2011

One Heart - A Song

One heart that beats
One tear that falls
One heart that cries
One soul that dies.

Can you feel when one heart is crying?
Can you feel when a soul is in pain?
Miles away tucked in a corner
People ache, people pain
Can you feel their heartache?
Can you feel their pain?

We may be some billion people
We may live in nations wide
But our hearts still ache for sorrow
And in pain our hearts do cry
Through the differences among us
There is still one thread that binds
In the myriad faces of people
There is only just one smile.

Join hands for the peace of tomorrow
Join hearts so they’ll beat as one
Learn to care for tears of the others
Learn to love other humans as brothers
So the earth can be our shelter
And together we can call it home.

~ Henrietta Decruz (C) 2011