25 September 2012

To the Timeless Living God - Holy is His Name!

These are very significant days. Days when the destiny of persons and people is being decided by God. Days when God looks into the Book - the book that records our lives and the things we do.

These are days when we will see the awesome power of God. The power with which He will rule over the earth. The power with which a righteous and holy God like Him will stand up for the oppressed, those crushed by injustice and brought down by suffering caused by their adversaries.   The power with which He will cut off those who didn't take His repeated warnings seriously and repent when He gave them time. The time to repent is running out... let us repent for all our wrongdoings - whether in thought, in word or deed - so we can be right with God!

God is a holy God who loves us and doesn't want even a single one of us to perish. That is why Jesus chose to pay the price for us and our sins! We can be saved only if we accept the sacrifice Jesus made. Since only those who know they need to be saved will accept a Savior we need to accept Jesus as our Savior and be washed in His blood. It is His blood that cleanses us. Once clean we can stand before God the Father when the Book is opened and we will be deemed righteous because Jesus paid the price for us. He saves us from the consequences of our sins! His only desire is that we will now - having been cleansed from sin - walk right with God, live a life that pleases Him and sin no more. Can we fulfill His desire? He has given His all for us can we give Him our love, our sincere obedience and life?

Here is a song that rightly worship the one true God who is beyond time and space, whose righteous acts are written in the Bible! I love this song... and this video is so apt too, it reminds us of those who are heroes of faith and how their acts glorified God. May we do the same in this generation and may the desires of our LORD God be fulfilled! Amen.

P.S: This is not a song by me. Please see the credits on the video to know more. 

My Confidence is in the Lord!

The Power of the Blood - A song on what the Lord has done in my life! 

We may find ourselves in difficult situations... Life is like that. The best thing is that any difficult situation doesn't have to bring us down!

We can ask the Lord Jesus to help us, to intervene for us or even wash us clean from the sins that we have committed. In Him, we can have this confidence that we'll be safe! We can rest in the knowledge that His love for us is true and that He will conquer every adversary who stands against us, even Satan himself!

No matter what battles you are fighting today just remember Jesus conquered them all at the cross! No evil can come against you if you hold on to HIM!

This is a song that re-iterates our faith and confidence in the Lord and His accomplished work against our enemy! Learn it and sing it to remind yourself that you are indeed saved, made whole and have nothing to worry. The lyrics are given below...

God be with you!

~ Henrietta

Lyrics of the Song - The Power of the Blood 

By the Power of the Blood of Jesus
I’m saved!
By the Power of the Blood of Jesus
I’m made whole
He saved me! He saved me!
And He made me whole
I’ve nothing to worry
Cause He’s in control

Now I know that any power of evil 
Won’t hold
And the value of the blood of Jesus
More than gold
Cos He saved me! He saved me
And He gave me life
No Satan can stand up
Before the Author of life!

Even in the face of pain and sorrow
I’ll stand
Even burning in the fiery furnace
He holds my hand
He’ll save me, He’ll save us
I know I can be sure
Cause He faced death just for me
My pain to endure.  

Henrietta Decruz (C)