25 February 2015

Pointing fingers at Mother Teresa?

Jesus said, ""Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13
‪#‎MotherTeresa‬ exemplified this in her life. She came from Albania but chose to spend her life among the poor, the downtrodden, those cast away by their own families to die on the streets. She laid down her life for them. She did it because she loved Jesus so much that she wanted to obey His command of loving others as He loved her. She never asked the dying what their religion was before she accepted them. She just treated them all with the same love and dignity as her Lord wanted her to treat them.
How many Indians have done this for other Indians? Our country has the distinction of having the caste system through which millions of people were and are still being ill-treated and treated as less than human because they were born in a 'low caste.' Even today we get reports of 'untouchability' being practiced in different parts of the country! Think about all the atrocities that were and are still being committed in the name of this. What a shame!
Today there are so many people picking up the broom to be a part of the #‎SwachchBharat‬ Campaign and taking pictures with it. Some decades ago only the 'lower castes' were made to do all these things. In fact they were forced to do the most menial things that others didn't want to have anything to do with such as clean human refuse. Would any of our esteemed RSS leaders want to trade places with them? Would those who look down and question the motives of people who have done life long service to humanity trade places and accept the lowliest place that was thrust upon millions of people for no fault of theirs?

Mother Teresa didn't flinch when she cleaned up the dying who were found in gutters... she didn't see the dirt and muck on them... she saw their humanity... she saw her Lord who said, 'Whatever you do for the least of My brothers that you do unto Me!' She lived for Him and died for Him. Her life is her testimony. No one has the right to stain it. 

The BEST from the Worst!!!

Victory over Adversity
Sometimes the worst thing that happened
Can turn out to be the best thing!

Think back…
Before the troubles in your life began…
Did you know yourself so well?

There is no mentor like adversity
No teacher who can teach you how to face life better!
The more troubles you have…
The more you learn the wiser you get!!!

Thank God for adversity!
I am a better person than I was before.
I know I have a better future
Because I have learned from the lessons of the past!

I must thank those unwitting people
Whether purposely or not they helped me a lot!
They became instruments in this process of learning
Without them it would not have been possible!

Today I stand in a very good place
A place where I have learned to appreciate myself
Treat myself with value, worth and respect
I have learned to take me and my dreams seriously.

I thank God most of all
Who took the worst that was dealt to me
And turned them all around into the biggest blessing!
Ah! The joy of knowing nothing can hold you down again.

22 February 2015

Girl resurfaces...

She decided one day...
it was time to bring back to life
all the dreams she left behind.
Somewhere deep in the clefts
of time and memories
a little girl was hiding.
It was time to bring her out
and let her play
and let the wind brush through her hair again.
~ Henrietta