31 August 2015


I saw them all
Rejected people....
In big numbers

Babies, children...
Old people...
All unwanted.

I saw hearts
Full of pain
Unwhole identities.

All craved for love
Hungry for goodness.

I wonder
If their being rejected
Is a statement about this society.

Is it their fault
They were rejected
Or is it the fault of this society?

I don't believe
In human refuse
No human can be thrown away
Every single human
Is a timeless soul
Meant to live for eternity.

I hate this use and throw culture
That sees so many humans
As worthless!

~ Henrietta Decruz

P.S: No claim of copyright is made for the photographs. The credits belong to the Photographer only. 

A Beautiful Mosaic

Today I was picking up the pieces
Fragments of my life
That I had sealed and put away.

I unpacked them and found
To my great joy
They still fitted into their original place!

I unlocked many memories
Of things I had accomplished
But had pushed into a corner somewhere.

As the pieces came together
I found it became a beautiful mosaic
As the rays of light shone through.

I was afraid to open the boxes
But now I realized
In opening them I released myself at last!

Nothing comes into our lives
Without a purpose
Everything has a nugget of gold in them. 

~ Henrietta Decruz

P.S: No copyright is claimed for the photographs. Credits belong only to the photographer. 


Sometimes in the journey of my life
I turn around to see
If someone cares enough to walk along.

There are moments in my life
When more than the hustle and bustle
I need the quiet assurance of love.

Sometimes I talk to people
Who do not respond
In the hope that someday they will.

Sometimes I get weary of waiting
Just to know I matter to them
When I have given them a pedestal in my heart.

Sometimes I wonder
Why the world is full of walls
While I try my best to build bridges!

~ Henrietta Decruz