15 July 2011

A Song - Walk & Worship

Today I look back on my life and realize how God walked with me in my bad times, unseen, most of the time unknown to me... Today as I celebrate the day that God chose to bring me to planet Earth, I want to dedicate my life to my Lord and ask that I walk with Him for the rest of my life!

Lyrics of the Song:   Walk & Worship 

1.                Oh God Who never sleeps
Who is taking care of me
All the days of my life
You have done so much for me
All You ask is love
In my heart for You
To obey what You say
And be blessed by You.

Chorus:             So I walk with You my Lord! – (2)
Let my life be worship to You
Let my life bring praises to You
As I walk and worship You
Every moment I worship You!
2.                I yearn for Your presence
Because it gives me joy
You’re all I ever needed
Your grace has given me life
Just like Enoch walked
I want to walk with you!
Every day, every night
To be in love with You!                  Chorus

3.                I want no part of darkness
I want to live in Your light
Create in me a clean heart
Help me to live without sin
I want to live
A life that pleases You
You are my God
All I need is You!                             Chorus

Written and composed by Henrietta Decruz