26 February 2014

Turn the Page

You’ve lingered on this page
for too long.
There is nothing more written here
Move on.

Image from Internet - by Cliparea
Turn the Page! 
Turn the page
Start a new chapter
Go to the next level
Your journey will continue
From there.

A full stop is an end
The end of the line.
Your story doesn’t end
With the full stop on this page
It takes on a new form
Turn the page!

As you move towards your destiny
Adventure beckons you
Dormant dreams will come to life.
The things that confined you
Will not hold you back anymore.
They will be left behind
In the previous chapter!

Your heart has grown weary
With waiting I know...
Is it ever going to happen?
You wonder.
A refreshing is right around the corner
It will rekindle your hope
Don’t worry!

Just turn the page
Let it go
The chapters before are just a setting
To unfold the climax of your life.
You too will not believe it
If it were told you
What the Writer has written for you.