12 November 2012

Understanding Intent

Have you spoken sincere words
Only to be tagged ‘proud’ and ‘arrogant’?
Or even worse ‘unjust’ and ‘a blamer’?

Have you shared what you really did
And heard others say ‘bragger’?
Or said something that really hurt you
And found the hearer judge
‘That’s not how it should be’?
And ‘How can you speak like that?’

Words that come from the heart
Report what a person really felt
Words about what a person did
Report what a person really did
This has nothing to do with ‘standards’
But to do with what ‘really happened’.

Perhaps people would rather you said
Things to suit their ‘way of thinking’
Like when someone keeps hurting you unjustly
They want you to say nice things about them!
Or even though you did a lot of things
They want you to pretend you cannot do them!

They do not want to accept that
There are people who feel things that they didn’t feel
Or who can do things they didn’t do.
They want people who are ‘different’
To change themselves around them
Just to suit their ‘shallow nature’.

I’m tired of walking around egg-shells
Caving in to the egos of people
Who do not want to rise above
Their narrow definitions
Of how a person can be
Or what a person can do.

I’m tired of being misunderstood
Just because they do not want
To live by higher principles of life
Or see the higher good in others
I do not want to measure
Myself or others by their ‘measly yardstick’!

I believe we are called to live
For higher ideals and purposes
I believe that each of us can be
Much more than we allow ourselves to be
If only we would know
The heights the human spirit can aspire to!

I’ve decided to be like the eagle
That flies above the storm
And sees places unseen to birds below.
I know it is a lonesome journey
But I believe that there are other eagles
I will meet and then I’ll have company!!!