02 July 2018

Heroes Come and Heroes Go

Heroes come and heroes go
Time goes on and no one knows
What the future holds for each
What the present tries to teach.

When we rave about someone
Make them bigger than they really are
It’s not fair, it sets them up
To lose their tag of being a star.

And on that day, people will cry
Some will wail a wail
While others will die
Because they said he wouldn’t fail.

Wake up people! This is life
If you fight a fight you can win or lose
Life is full of strife
Win or lose it’s not for us to choose.

Let your hero have some peace
Surely he didn’t want to lose
He works so hard, he paid a price
Don’t let his stardom become a noose.

Remember the good and great things he’d done
Thank him for his good skills and good work
Remember the matches and battles he won
Thank God for memories we have to look back.

- Henrietta Decruz 

Dedicated to the Football heroes, teams and fans who were sorely disappointed in this World Cup.