04 February 2018

Save the Voice - a song

More than a week back, I had a terrible cough that caused me to lose my voice. I could barely speak! During that time, while at work, I read about Hugh Masekela and his anti-apartheid songs. Though I have written cause related songs before, suddenly I thought why not write another one. As I pondered on the subject to write on... I thought of the people who had to pay a price for speaking up against an injustice. Some were treated badly, some beaten up and some were even killed because they stood up for the truth.

Being in a place where I wanted to speak but couldn't because I had lost my voice... I thought about those who are in a terrible situation and have no voice, no one to bring them justice. I could feel the importance of speaking. Just sharing what happened with others is a very important thing. Even if it doesn't change the situation immediately it brings a feeling of relief that someone else knows about the problems being faced by the sufferer and is supportive.

In the last year, we have had many women come forward and speak up in the #MeToo and Time's Up campaigns. Not just the women who suffered due to sexual assaults by Harvey Weinstein, it was heart wrenching to hear the accounts of the brave US gymnasts who had suffered silently at the hands of doctor Larry Nassar for many years. Imagine the heart crushing weight they carried on their souls even as they fought for their Olympics medals. They were all brave women and yet it took so long for the truth to be known and dealt with. The gymnasts who had spoken up earlier were all silenced and this led to the grave injustice being perpetrated for many more years as a result of which the number of sufferers increased alarmingly.

It is important that truth has a voice. It is important that injustice is dealt with speedily. No one should have to suffer, this is especially so for the innocent, the helpless and the needy. So we need more heroes. We need more voices... people who will choose to be the voice of sanity in this generation!

And that is how my song was born.

Save the Voice

Save the voice
Save the voice of sanity
Because we have a choice
A choice to save humanity
Save the voice
Save us from this insanity
Save the voice
Save the voice of humanity.

We’ve come out of the dark ages, long ago, long ago!
Don’t let them tear out the dark pages - of history
We left all of the tears behind
We left all of the grail and grind
We’re better now (2)
So just save the voice.
They may do all that they may dare
We must speak up and show that we care!
Yes we must save the voice
Because we have a choice
If we keep silent, the world will change
If we stand still as though locked in a cage
Who will survive? (2)
And who will know.

So just make the choice
Come on and make the choice!
You too can rise up and be that voice
Be that voice, yes you can be that voice!

It doesn’t matter if they come to blows
They may get worse till their insanity shows
You can speak up so everyone knows
Be the voice, make that choice
You too can be that voice
No one knows those who’re silent and lost
If you gotta stand up, you’ve to pay the cost
Of being someone
Of being known
You too can be that voice
So choose to be that voice!

Come on everybody!

Be the voice (2)
Be the voice of sanity!
Because you have a choice
You have a choice
To be the voice of humanity.

- Henrietta Decruz (C) 2018

P.S All image credits belong to their rightful owners. Heartfelt thanks to each of them.