09 December 2011

Henrietta's Digital Art - Made using Paintbrush!

Presenting some of my doodles using Paintbrush! They all happened unplanned... I let them shape up on their own according to my mood. I am happy with the way they turned out. Some took more effort than others... but each of them gave me the joy of having expressed something from within!

The Indian Girl

Boat at sea



Blending but distinct


... 1

The Frame of a Girl 

Help from Above

The Reclining Peacock

A Tablet of Greys

Fragmented Man


Boat in the Waves

Elephant face

The Heart of Love - Jesus!


The Spirit is Love

The Eye



Different strokes for different moods...
Everything has its place under the sun!

- Henrietta Decruz

Dabbling with Colors!

I love a lot of things... painting is one of them. I must say I haven't painted as much as I really wanted to in the past. I have painted with water colors, painted on fabric... and recently I was very thrilled to find the opportunity to learn to paint with oil colors!!!

You can see a couple of my paintings here...

'The Mughal Princess' - my own version of the well known artwork.
Painted on spare blouse material I had!!! Fabric Painting

'The Waterfall' - My first oil painting! 
I must give credit to our teacher Hughie Ashing Wong who did a great job teaching us at a Workshop that was organized at the House of Bread!

'A Painting I made as a gift!
The visual shows Jesus dressed as the Hebrew Rabbi that He actually was...
Hebrew alphabets flow down from heaven with significant meaning in every letter!
Water Color

Two Worlds - Freedom vs Bondage
There is light and freedom in Christ!
Water Color
I enjoyed making these paintings...
I am looking forward to painting a lot more now!!!

Selling Dreams - A Song for Recession Times...

Selling, selling dreams … (um hmm, um hmmm)
There’s no self esteem (ah huh, ah huh)
They’ll sell you the moon
And if you buy their car
You can be a star (ah ha, Aha!)
Selling, selling dreams (hmm hmmm, hmm hmmm)

1.                  Trendy home machines
Can fill your lives
Clothes and trips and things
Of every size
(Yet) when you go back home
You are still alone
Searching for yourself…    (ah ha, Aha!)               Chorus

2.                Empty, empty words and promises
Are lying all around
For you to choose
Which one will you try?
Any way it’s a lie
And in the end you’ll be a fool to believe it.       Chorus

3.                  Believe it if you want it’s yours to try
There’s no truth or dare
Nobody cares
Even if you slog and work hard like a dog
You’ll spend it in a jiff   (ah ha, Aha!)
You’ll carry on like this till you realize               Chorus

I would call this a song specially meant for a time like this... Recession is causing everyone to regret decisions they made about things they purchased or the loans they took... Everyone is finding new ways to manage with whatever amount of money they have and are learning how tough it is to hold on to one's purse strings!

The song also conveys the message that matters of self-esteem and things that really are important are not connected with the things we have or buy!

You can hear a home recorded version the song at this link:

True Love - My First Song!

Image result for true love images

True Love is the first song I wrote on my own when I was a teen!

The first time this song was performed by me with a band including my sister Agnes, Glentin D'Silva, George and Albert Charles at 'Youthfest 85', for a music competition organized by the Delhi Archdiocese in 1985. Most of the bands sang Boney M songs, we too sang Rivers of Babylon. Nobody expected us to win and we did! I believe this song played a part in our winning the top prize as it was the only original song played there!

Our performance at the 'Youthfest 85' also got us our first television programme on Doordarshan - India's only television channel at that time. Anujith Kumar had watched us perform and recommended us to Youth Forum's programme producer Ashok Budhiraja. Amidst exam schedules and other delays it took about a year but finally the very first half an hour programme featuring my songs was aired on 6th August 1986. It featured six of my original songs in 'Youth Forum' on Doordarshan's Delhi Metro Channel. 

We had one more programme on the DD Delhi Metro channel on 20th July 1987 and our producer Ashok Budhiraja felt that we deserved to be on the National Doordarshan Channel. He introduced us to P.K. Mohanty and a third recorded programme of my songs was aired on the DD National Channel on the 21st April 1987. This programme could be seen all over India! The best thing is our producer P.K Mohanty said he didn't get so many letters for any other programme he made. The programme was repeated on public request so many times that we lost count!  

The current track I have of this song is from the video recording we had of programme aired on the National Channel in April 1987. The programme featured 6 songs written and composed by me. My sister Agnes accompanied me in the vocals. The Band included Alex Fernandes on the keyboards,  (Late) Tony Banks and Mark Fernandes played the guitar and Lucius Fernandes played the drums.

My heartfelt thanks to all the band members and to the DD producers Ashok Budhiraja and P.K. Mohanty for featuring my songs in their programmes. At that time there were no talent shows or means for talented artists to rise and perform before the nation. I am really grateful to God for how he picked up totally a obscure person like me and placed me up on national TV without doing anything to get there.

True Love was recorded and performed for All India Radio, Goa in June 1990. The programmed was aired on 9th July 1990.

I have plans to record this song again with fresh music as it is one of those songs that everyone who heard has loved! It has also won me the maximum prizes! It gives me great joy when the hearers love my song!


True Love, it’s too hard to find
True Love, you’d never even mind
To find a true love beside you today
To find a true love beside you today

1.                  I’ve been walking for almost another day
I’ve been clinging to my thoughts throughout the way
Still there’s not a soul to find
With a heart and perfect mind
I’ve been wandering throughout today.        Chorus

2.                  Since last weekend I’m thinking over it
I need someone beside me when I sit
Still there’s not a soul to find
With a heart and perfect mind
I’ve been wandering throughout today.        Chorus

3.                  When I see someone like me I just think
There must be someone in the world with a link
Still there’s not a soul to find
With a heart and perfect mind
I’ve been wandering throughout today.       Chorus

- Henrietta Decruz (C)

Vocals: Henrietta & Agnes
Musicians - Keyboard: Alex Fernandes
Guitar: Tony Banks, 
and Mark Fernandes
Drums: Lucius Fernandes

Listen to the audio track TRUE LOVE - here