30 July 2014

Without Knowing

We hardly know the bruises we leave behind
As we walk on jostling through life.

Every day comes with its battles and problems
We struggle to keep things going
And somewhere in the process
We become a problem ourselves,
A problem for someone else.

As we grow wiser to our own lapses
We realize the people gone before us
Knew little of the damage they did
To our generation, to our family life
To our future.

Each thought they had a choice for themselves
Some chose for themselves
Some chose thinking about others
Each left behind consequences for others to endure
Suffer and overcome.
Perhaps a lot of us would have no story
No success and no victory if there was no hurdle
Obstacle or lack to deal with
They were the reason why we stand proud today
Thinking we handled the cards we were dealt with well.

We may fret and not want to share the glory or credit
Of our achievements with those who were part of the problem
But the truth is if the going was easy
We would be no winner!
There is a victory only when there is a struggle.

Often I have looked at families that have everything made
And feel sad about what I have missed
But then I realize someone in their family broke the mould
Made an impact through their actions
And freed the coming generations to live better lives.

You and I have been called to be winners
To be breakers of the mould
To be path creators and pioneers
Who will show the way to the struggling and lost 
We can be beacons and shine the light! 

24 July 2014

Dear Wind...

Copyright of the photographer inscribed on picture
The Wind on Mt. Everest 
Dear Wind where are you going?
What longings do you carry in your heart?

I heard the rain had come along
And splashed some lands anew

Did you enjoy the companionship?
The time you spent together?

O Wind how I envy you…
You traveler of the mysterious lands

I stand and stare at the lush green
Admire the beauty all around

You can go venture everywhere
Not a ticket! No one asks you a fare!

I feel imprisoned with house duties
You are carefree and roam at will

Ah! For the life that has no bounds
The heart that can live out their dreams

How I would love to go places, experience it all
If the ropes of life would loosen up a bit!

O Wind, where are you going next?
Can you blow me away with you?