20 October 2016

The Invitation

The lush green
Inviting smell of the earth
Sounds of birds singing...
My heart nudges me
Let's go for long walks
Lovely long walks
And forget the rest of the world!

~ Henrietta Decruz

15 October 2016


Be all that you were born to be!
It is a journey.
The ugly will pass away
Fade into the past
Beautiful times will come
And walk with you into the sunset.
Do not grieve over what couldn't be
Be excited about all that is coming
Spread your wings and fly away
Spread your wings and fly....
Your story is not over yet! 

~ Henrietta D

09 October 2016

There Comes a Time...

There comes a time
In each of our lives
When we decide
That everything superficial
Must go!
The moment when
The truth becomes more dearer
Than every lie
We allowed
To masquerade us.

Wisdom becomes valuable
More than its weight in gold
And folly become unbearable.
We decide to do away with
The pretender
The false faced ones
Because our life
And our time on earth
Are too precious for us
To let pretenders steal them from us.

Goodbye is no longer a bad word
It is a door to let someone go through
And never return.
We realize that truth and folly
Cannot be bedfellows
The twain shall never meet
So why linger on
Hoping for the impossible?
We learn to surrender to Divine wisdom
Cos God knew what He was doing.

Suddenly being alone is not a bad thing
It is enjoying a moment in solitude
Taking in its uniqueness
Enjoying the shades and colors it brings
It is nourishing our soul
Accepting our own uniqueness
And celebrating the specialness
Of others around us
Far away from the din of crowds
Listening to the lapping of waves.

No more compromise
On everything that matters
Yet tolerance is needed
For we will need to wait
Till others understand
What we have understood
And arrive at the same place
Until then it just a journey 
Of learning, unlearning and arriving. 

~ Henrietta Decruz