05 January 2014

Memories of a song! - 'To be where You want me to be'

Years ago when I was in Nirmala Niketan, College of Social Work, the Daughters of the Heart of Mary (they are the missionaries that started our college) celebrated their bi-centennary. Dr. Hazel D'Lima, our Principal had asked me to write a song to portray the situation of women and I wrote and composed "Wake up my sister!". It was then that I had the first experience of a recording studio. I had no idea about the intricacies of recordings... it was a learning experience for me. 

I lent my voice for the kuchcha recording of my song "Wake up my sister!" and it was Aarti Rao whose voice was recorded for the final version. It was beautiful! I got to act out that part on stage during the show we put up for the occasion... Etienne Coutinho had directed and worked out a great show... there were 9 screens put together and it was mind-blowing!!! I also met a good friend Satyam Tripathy there for the first time, he was assisting Etienne for the show. 

But what stayed with me is this song... it was made based on the words of the Foundress of DHM, Adelaide de Cicé. Leon D'Souza who had done awesome work with the music for my song too, he composed and prepared this song. 

I just love the lyrics... it is so meaningful, so beautiful reflecting a heart that is surrendered to God. Over the years I look back and see, I hope that I can really live like this. It is a beautiful anthem for anyone who truly wants to live for God, live like Jesus and love like Him!!! 

I wish I had the soundtrack of this song to share with you... I tried getting it, but couldn't! :( I feel sad that a treasure like this song cannot be shared. I hope they locate the sound recording of this and upload it for the whole world to hear! 

Here are the lyrics of the song...  

To be where You want me to be

To be where You want me to be
To be put where You want to place me
To be the leaven in my Father’s dough
I must open wide my own soul!

Yes Lord! Be it done unto me
Yes Lord! Let it be done unto me!
To be where You want me to be
Yes Lord! Be it done unto me.

You have called me to love all people
To provide the wind beneath their wings
To shatter the chains that bind them
To set the Living Word free!!!

So they can be what You want them to be
From within me let Your love flow
So around around me all will learn to soar
Yes Lord! Be it done unto me!

   ~ Written by Adelaide de Cicé, the Foundress of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary
   ~ Composed by Leon D’Souza