22 September 2010


It was not my fault
I was battered.
Unsuspecting I lay
At that spot
Trusting to be cared for
Yearning for things
I was only deprived of.

Born to be cherished
Sought to be loved
Yet a little infant
Was given nothing but pain.
Lying helpless in the hands
Of the rejecter
Torn, twisted and mauled in spirit
Beyond recognition
Beyond help...

Years made it worse
The beaten are not spared
By those who have seen good times.
They speculate
They analyse
They judge
If this had to happen to you
You must have done something
To deserve it.
They speak words that maim.

Comforters are none
Finger pointers
Overwhelmingly many.
How can a victim survive
If no one rescues?
How can one who only suffered
Make it through life?
Tattered in mind, spirit and soul
Who would make them whole?

I lay motionless and numb
Pain engraved inside my psyche
Almost soaked with grief
Almost dead
No one came
No one missed me
Because I wasn’t home
From the beginning.
In a world full of noise
Who misses a silent pause?

Then the miracle happened
A hand from outside this realm
Reached out and touched me
And oh the joy of being touched!
I looked around and saw no one.
No one was visible.
We played peek-a-boo
Then I slowly learnt
About my mysterious friend.

Shrouded in an invisible garb
He spoke words that
Brought me back to life.
I didn’t complain about
What He was or wasn’t
Because His words...
They were life itself to me
They brought strength and form
Into this formless mass called me.

As healing returned
I ventured back
Into the world that didn’t want me.
They put numerous tags on me
They made me the butt of jokes
I felt like a specimen
I felt like a worm
I felt I was battered
Over and over again.
But this time it was different
He was standing with me.

His love filled me so...
The taunts and stares
Didn’t dent my spirit
I grew in great measure
I thrived on His love.
I found the treasure, the fountain
Of everlasting life and love.
Now no one can touch me
No one can violate me
He stands guard over me
My heart and my life.

I am in love with my Protector
In a way no one understands
Well no one notices a speck
But when someone does
That speck becomes a person!
I’ve met messengers
Who say they speak for Him
But they hardly do justice to Him
For I know His touch
I know His voice
I know Him very well.

I still face the stares and the glares
I still get taunted for all I went through.
But with Him talking
And walking beside me
I know I can make it
The rest of the way.
And now when the judgers start talking
It doesn’t hurt me anymore
Cause I know the One  
Who really matters.

11 September 2010

Say No to Hate

This song was written by me after 9/11. If everyone in the world said 'No' to hate... the world will surely change for the better.

Though it was written in 2001 now even in the year 2015, it is just as relevant. Hate has raised its ugly head and claimed many more lives all over the world. 

Here are the lyrics of my song 'Say No to Hate' 


1.      Where is the heart that hurts when others cry
Look around and see and try to understand why
Do you believe that pain can solve anything
Do you think that hate can bring peace in the world
Who is the enemy we're fighting you must understand….

Across the earth, the countries, the people of this world
We all feel pain, it hurts us when we lose someone dear
Don't let them win this war, they're waging against us
We must unite and love the people of this world

2.      Wake those who're sleeping tell them about it
Tell them you care for them… they shouldn't doubt it
Take all the power you have into your hands
Build up and strengthen, join hands… across the land.

3.      Say no to prejudice say no to violence
Say no to racism seeds of hate inside us
Say no to those who spread terror in this world
Show them we care we stand with those who are hurt
4.      Stand up my brother, my sister, every child raise your hand
You can make a difference, don't fear, you can take a stand
Let it be known our destiny lies in our hands
We are the people it is we who rule the world.