05 February 2010

Time to take stock of the harm done

It is time we Indians took stock of all the harm that divisive issues like the Telangana issue has caused us. When it comes to loss of public and private property and the loss of working hours the amount would easily be over several hundreds of crores. Then again what about the loss of the faith of the common man in democracy, in the instruments of governance when no one puts an end to the mindless violence, losses, frequent bandhs and rising prices due to shortages caused by such bandhs? What about the lives and the future of the students who were dragged into this issue and are going suffer as a result of it? Who is to compensate for all these things and for the loss of India’s reputation internationally due to ever increasing events that paralyze normal life?

Moreover, the government at the centre would do well to understand that once it concedes to such demands it is only giving the go-ahead for many more divisive agitations to use the destructive path to get their demands met. Would it not have been better if they had instead sought to get the government to develop their region using peaceful means? Imagine the hundreds of crores that was lost or wasted in the violence generated by this issue, if it were used to develop the Telangana region we could have changed the face of that place. We need to get over the narrow minded view that only people from a certain place can develop their own ‘land’ or ‘region’, instead we need to have the heart to ensure that every nook and corner of our country is developed because we love our country. When all of us decide to become true citizens of India, issues like Telangana that ask for the breaking up of our country will become a thing of the past.

It is time that those who caused the damage are made to pay up so that it would deter those who want to pursue that path. By doing this the law makers and the judiciary can ensure that such malignant movements don’t kill the future of our country.