29 May 2016

To the Future...

In every moment of grief, sickness and pain,
I have felt His loving hand, His presence...
My Lord God is the reason I could endure
the great suffering that came my way
some due to my own choices 
and some due to the wrong doings of others...
I have only Him to thank
as He was with me
carrying me through times when I couldn't move
and felt numb inside me...
I am sure I want Him to be with me
in my good times
since He was the One who was with me
in the hard times.
How could I live and face my future
without a Faithful and Loving Father,
an eternal Friend, a Helper and Comforter like Him? 
~ Henrietta Decruz

20 May 2016

CSR - A Heart for Change

Everyone has a circle of influence. What we do affects others around us in a positive or negative way. If one person can have a great impact on a community then it goes without saying that a company or corporation would have greater power to bring about change in not only the community but also in the nation and around the world. All that the individual, company or corporation needs is a heart for change.

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CSR - A Heart for Change