29 December 2013

Adieu 2013

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As 2013 comes to an end
I find in my hand
A mixed bag of emotions...
A mosaic of lessons and experiences
I have gained from
I will cherish
For life.

A year when I came to terms
With myself
With my life the way it has been
And mustered the courage
To step out to be
The real me
No matter what the cost.

The line is drawn
The lesson learned
The bitter sweet pill swallowed
A gush of hope
Fills the horizon
As dreams long dead
Come back to life.

The long and short
Of life’s story is
No one else lives yours
Just go out and live!
When it’s time to pay
It’s you who pay the price
Why hide when it’s time to shine?

No apologies
To those who never understood
No excuses
For what I was not able to do
No reasons
So someone may accept who I am
If they don’t it’s their loss not mine!

I move on
I will thrive
Who knows how long I have
To live?
These precious moments
When we can leave a trail
Will never come back again.

Live right
Live well
Someday someone
Will your story tell
What do you want it to be?
A story of losses and misery
Or a story of overcoming and victory!!!

I have decided
What I will do...
Thank you God
For 2013
I hope I have learned
All I had to learn

2014 here I come! 

12 December 2013

A Tryst with Colors

Here are some more of my trysts colors... I love those moments I can escape into a seamless world where nothing is binding... I can express who I am and be myself without restrictions!

The bird's eye

Fish... a left hand drawing


Stars and colors

Woman brought low

So much for now...
Take care!!! 

Musings at year end

I stare at
The canvas of my life
Wondering what I should do
With the lines, the dots and the in-betweens
Trying to make sense of the vague things
That filled my life for years. 
The Canvas of Life

As I fumble and fret about things
That didn’t go well for me
I begin to see
Some signs of lessons
I still need to learn.

‘No wonder,’ I tell myself
‘It took so long for me to get here!’
It slowly dawns on me
That if I had the things I asked for
I would not have enjoyed them
With the wrong attitudes within me.

God in His infinite wisdom
Placed obstacles and detours
In my path
Till I was ready to receive
What He had for me...
Graciously, joyfully
And with the right spirit! 

I now see my life
As a mosaic
There are different colored pieces
Of different sizes and shapes
They all come together
And fall in somehow...
Making it beautiful.

There are a few voids
Still left to fill
I’ve decided not to worry about them
God who helped me overcome
The vague things that didn’t make sense
Will surely have it all planned for me
It will all work out for good!

Armed with a new confidence
I set off again
Smiling within myself
Looking forward to good things
Thinking, doing and believing
The best of everything...
Knowing this time
The voids will be filled
I will be whole and happy
For the rest of my life!