07 March 2015

Wake Up My Sister! - A song by Henrietta Decruz

This is a song that I specially wrote and composed on the occasion of the Bicentenary Celebrations of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, the group that runs the College of Social Work. It was in 1990.

The background music is by Leon D'Souza and the voice in this track belongs to Aarti Rao. It was my first time in a sound studio then! An unforgettable experience.

The song can be heard at this link...
Wake Up My Sister! - A song by Henrietta Decruz

This is the link to the song on soundcloud.com

06 March 2015

Love that frees

In all the days of my life
Never have I seen
Love that encompasses me
And yet sets me free.

Such amazing love
That affords me the privilege
To grow, to live, to breathe and thrive
Can only come from God!

Your love O Lord
Has made me strong
Given me strength
To overcome wrong!

You condescend
You touch me
A lowly soul made of dust
You made great.

When I am lonely
When I cry in pain
I lean on Your loving arms
You comfort me.

Why would I ever trade
Our special love
With any lowly thing on earth?
Wouldn't it be crazy?

Too precious for words
Infinitely beautiful and endless

Your love is my life
I couldn't live without it
You are the air I breathe
You are my very life.

~ Henrietta