21 January 2019

Live a Mindful Life

Who holds the most important place in your heart?
Who holds the most important place in your life?
We tend to think that the person we love most will not hurt us
Chances are that person will hurt you and hurt you really bad.
Human beings are imperfect.
To expect them to never turn against your or hurt you is not practical at all.

Is there a way to guard our heart such that no one hurts us?
Is there a way to find true peace and happiness?
We spend so many years chasing dreams and all that we want
Yet never really get to a place of peace or happiness.
Is peace a mirage? Is it possible to be really happy?
Is genuine love and a lasting relationship a myth?

Many chase fame, fortune, wealth, power, status and reach a dead end
There is no happiness or peace at the end of those roads
For when they get there, they find themselves alone, very very alone
as no one is truly happy for them.
What is success if you have no one to celebrate it with?
What is fame if you are just person of interest for yellow journals.

When you look behind what do you see?
When you look in the mirror who do you see?
Do you feel good about the years gone by?
Are you happy you made it this far?
Do you have something to achieve in your life?
Do you have a goal that is bigger than your self?

These questions will determine your life
and if you can finish the race of this life well.
Maybe you have a great talent and it will help you be rich
Would you be happy if you accomplished it?
Maybe you have an ability that will help you change millions of lives
You life will then have much more value than if you lived for yourself.

Someday we will have to move out of this body we inhabit
Someday life will be a thing of the past
Those who love us will learn to live without us
Those whom we helped may live better lives because of us
When we crossover to the other side where will we be?
What will the world say about us when we are gone?

Think about it...
This life that is passing by one day at a time,
It has value and worth.
It is not to be frittered away on worthless things
You have worth and timeless value
Know your value and live a mindful life.

~ Henrietta Decruz (C) 2019


☝ Thanks to the contributors from Pexels.com for the pictures used in this blog.