12 September 2011

Where do you go?

Where do you go to when the water rises... 
Whom do you go to in the storm?
When everything is falling apart...
And there is no one you can rely on for plain understanding.

Where do you go to in trouble.... 
In moments when the worst drags you down, 
And there's not a flicker of light in the dim-lit dungeon,
The deepest pits of despair and gloom.

Look around and you will see the rest of the world,
Carry on with their chores with no inkling of the searing pain within
All walk with their eyes open but look nowhere,
A straight blank stare never replaced with emotion.

Dig deeper still and you will find, each entrapped in their misery,
Screaming amid the din and cackle of jingles and political trivia
Until the lamp of their spirits blowout
Leaving behind an apology for a life.

Searching for meaning in this existence,
The roads lead from dead-end to dead-end...
Finally, the last lap announces itself,
You pretend you are caught by surprise... “Not me, please, not me!”

Day after day, looking at empty faces,
It seems futile to think that things will change, 
At least it seems that way....  at first, then one simply 
Prepares for the final parting. 

One last look is all it takes...
Just one, to actually see the beauty in mundane things  
And see heaven’s hand amidst the pollution and perversion,
The crass contrast of human and divine creation.

We are lost in the concrete jungle with no directions
To show us that someone has been this way before,
We keep steps here and there to suit our whims or logic,
Without an inkling of what it will cost us or where it will take us.

The memory of the beauty lingers,
Spreading delight within the heart,
A burst of energy rushes through the worn out body
And gives it life again.