12 July 2010

The Lord Kept Working...

He never slumbers
He never sleeps
He is always working
Behind the scenes.

The silent worker
The tireless worker
Who always gets blamed
For His works are not seen.

So often we've complained
Grumbled and cribbed
Called Him many names
A sad picture framed...

But He is so faithful
This amazing God
He still keeps on working
To improve our lot.

He's sad when we're broken
He cries when we fail
He knows what we're made of
He knows we are frail.

So He never judges
The angry words we say
He looks even deeper
Into a heart in dismay.

He cuddles and comforts
He caresses and soothes
On nights when the stars hide
He turns on His light.

He has no need to help us
He doesn't need to care
But He's a God who loves us
And He keeps working anyway.

- Henrietta Decruz