04 September 2014

My Jesus is worth dying for! - A Song

Song:       My Jesus is worth dying for!
                                Written and composed by Henrietta Decruz

http://www.rgbstock.com/bigphoto/nEe1X7K/The+Blood+2Chorus:           Yes my Jesus is
Worth dying for… (2)
Because He came and died for me!
Yes my Jesus is
Worth living for… (2)
Because He came and lived for me!

1.    He didn’t have to come
 And leave His throne
 Become a man
 And take on human flesh!
 He chose to do it knowing
 I’m a fallen man
 Who can’t be saved
 From my sins!
           He came down from the throne
           He left His very own
           He chose to walk the path
           That only brought Him pain!!!                 


2.    Yes I have sinned
 And done many things
 I shouldn’t have done
 In my life!
 I now repent
 For all my wrongs
 No matter what
 I can’t make them right!
           He was sinless yet He died
           Humiliated, paid the price
           He let them rob Him of His dignity
           For me!!!


3.    Now when they ask me
 To disown this Jesus
 Why would I ever do it
 Knowing His love for me!
 If they had only known
 How much He loved them
 How much He paid for them
 Wouldn’t they be free!!!
           He came and died for all
           He gave His every breath
           To make sure we who sinned
           Would never perish!!!


~ Henrietta Decruz