22 January 2016

Sometimes... - A Song by Henrietta

Everyone feels tired and lonely at sometime or another. This is a song that reflects that feeling and expresses our desire to express our fears and find solutions to our problems.

The lyrics of the song:


Sometimes I feel the walls come close to shut me in
Sometimes I wish that someone would just hear me out!
I'm tired of being alone on my own -
I'm tired of hearing my own groans in solitude.

I want to find my voice!
Share my fears
Unleash my woes!
I want to make a choice!
Be the best I can
Begin new life!
      But sometimes...

Sometimes I wander in the crowds to search myself
There are too many places I've been to - the search goes on!
Sometimes I wish that someone would mirror myself
So I could see the good & bad within me.


Sometimes I know the answers that I seek will be found
Somewhere deep within me
Sometimes I dream that I have lived and overcome
All the problems around me
There's an answer to this question of my existence!
There's a reason I was born and I am living.


~ by Henrietta Decruz (Copyright 2016)