14 February 2013

The Call to Love

It is a tragedy
That people do not understand
God has placed them
In the lives of their loved ones
To love.

The father and mother
Are given the mandate
To love the child
They brought into this world.
The brother and sister
Is given the job
to love, to help and support
While grandparents
Are given the joy
Of doting on their grandchildren.

When each of them
Self absorbed
Caught up in selfish pursuits
Neglect this call
The little one grows up
Unloved, unwanted,
Not knowing what it is to be

Each of us is given a chance
To be a bearer of love
To those placed in our lives
And others around us.
When everyone fails to answer
The call to love
The heart of the unloved one
Shrinks and despair sets in.
One life fails to meet
The challenges before it
Because no one cared.

Parents who do not love
Siblings who don’t support
Spouses who turn a deaf ear
Friends who go away
And relatives who are never there
Are all guilty of killing love
And robbing a person’s heart
Of the opportunity to grow
To glow and know
What true and genuine love is.

Forget about the changing the whole world
If you can change your own heart
And learn to love
You can change the world
For someone near you
And thereby change your own world too.
Stop being miserly with your affection
Give and keep giving love
Someday perhaps
Someone may mirror that same love
When you are in need!

Perhaps you were not loved
Perhaps you were abandoned, neglected
Perhaps no one taught you love
By their example
Don’t worry
Love is its own teacher
And love is the best lesson
Give love as you want to receive love
And love will come back to you too.

You have received
The call to love
Do not neglect it
It is a blessing that will bless you
Not just in the now
But for the rest of your life.
Cursed is the one who doesn’t
Care enough to love.
Their neglect and indifference
Will court them when
There will be no one to care for them.

Love is its own reward
It blesses your heart
Teaches it to expand,
Feel and experience beauty.
Nothing can compare
With that learning
And experience!
Make sure you answer
The call to love!