02 November 2017

Change can be good

Sometimes we tend to hang on
To old things
Old memories
Old places
People we once knew
Who went away
Phases in our life
A time of joy or love

Loyalty to memories
Over loyalty to oneself
We tend to shun change
As though it is betrayal
But the truth is
Change is good
What does not change
Stagnates, decays and dies.

Change is proof you are alive
Change means you’re on a journey
You’re still on the way
To achieving something
A dream, a goal, a purpose
Change is process
Change is learning
Change changes us

You and I are not static
We move
We grow
We learn
We understand
We analyse
We thrive
We meditate

Looking back at difficult times
There is always something to learn
There are mysteries to solve
Questions to find answers to
Old patterns to decode
Delink from and discard
Who did what and why
Where is the key?  

Once out of that process
It is time to bid goodbye
To the past
There is no point in lingering
To smell the stale air
Of a bygone time
Come out of the stupor
Embrace the new fresh air

Change is new life
A seed turning into a sapling
Flowers turning into fruits
Our life is a circle
It keeps on turning
Just as the clocks hands
Keep moving
Move on, embrace change!

~ Henrietta Decruz 
(C) 2017