02 December 2019

TIME FOR CHANGE! No More Rape in India!

Image source: www.hindustantimes.com
The people of India are outraged

Rapists roam free, rapes increasing alarmingly – Is the Justice and Law & Order system in India proving to be toothless? 

Hopes dashed to the ground

Reading the newspaper is turning out to be a distressing exercise everyday as we read about rape after rape, with some instances more ghastly and inhuman than we can come to terms with.
After the Nirbhaya case on 16th December 2012, there was nationwide uproar and everyone condemned the horrendous act. Many of us thought that things would change for the better where rape cases are concerned. We believed that there would be more convictions and rapists will receive severe and fitting punishment in order to deter more men from following their example and raping women.

It is to our grief that we have learned that no such thing happened. We have been shocked to see that a rape culture has emerged where even juveniles are involved in raping girls. Moreover, little babies and elderly women too have not been spared by these rapists. What is worse, we have not seen any worthwhile effort from the Law & Order Machinery and Judiciary to ensure that women in our country receive justice and do not have to live in fear of being raped. The pertinent question is why have the courts allowed rapist after rapist to walk free? 

The Wake Up Call: Will these rapists also walk free?

Have we learned from the past? 

We want to see factual figures of how many rapists were allowed to walk free after destroying the lives of our daughters by their evil act. Over the last 50 years, how many cases of rape have been reported. [We would have to presume that the actual figures of rape that occurred in our country were far higher because many women don’t have the courage to come forward to report after being raped.] Of these reported rape cases – how many rapists were convicted? We want to know the kind of punishment meted out to them and how many received life sentence or capital punishment. We want a government body to make these statistics public. We also want human rights activists to bring out their own report concerning this so that we can be aware of any discrepancy in reporting the true figure from the official end.

This report should reveal the number of men with a history of raping women and the effect it has had on the younger generation of boys and men who came after them. From the statistics collected we need to study the trends and mark the states and areas where rape has been rampant and justice was hindered. The law and order machinery would most likely be compromised in such areas and they would be more tilted to favor the rapists rather than the victims. 

The Wake Up Call: Will these rapists also walk free?

In the Hyderabad case of the 26 year old veterinarian, we have learned that the case has been assigned to a fast track court. While it is good that a speedy judgment will be given, it is now even more pertinent than ever that the judgment that not only deters but puts an end to the rising rape incidents in our nation. 

While we can see many people protest and those in authority support the cause and take a stand, this is not a matter that should die down after a few days of making noise. We have to take this as a national challenge. Can we change things and make it safe for our daughters to go out without fear? Will the parents of girls be able to live in peace without fearing the worst for their daughters?

Time for Action 

We certainly need action to be taken on a war footing in this matter. We need campaigns humanize men who secretly think it is okay to rape women. We need to sensitize men and boys and women and girls about this issue. Self defense for girls should be made mandatory in all schools. Self defense classes for women should be started in all neighborhoods, places of work and communities should begin to equip women to fight against their potential attackers.

We need special rehabilitation to be provided for women who have suffered rape since rape causes grave trauma that amounts to loss of identity, confidence and makes them powerless, robbing them of the chance to have a good future. Healing from such trauma can take several years and for some the scars are lifelong. In most cases in India, there are social consequences for the girl/women and her family too as a result of the rape. These issues need to be addressed and practical things have to be done to ensure the woman can have everything she needs to live a good life.

We need a National Sex Offender Registry just like the US and other nations have. This registry should be publicly accessible so that anyone in doubt can verify if a man is a sex offender. 

Failure is not an option

The Supreme Court would do well to set up a special authority endowed with powers to investigate where the law and order machinery has compromised justice. This authority should be able to take action against the officials and departments concerned and provide the survivors and their family compensation and support to get their lives back on track.

India had the shameful distinction of being the most dangerous nation for women in 2018. ThomsonReuters Foundation released a study that ranked India as the most dangerous place because of its high incidences of sexual violence, lack of access to justice in rape cases, child marriage, female feticide and human trafficking. It is time these rankings made us angry enough to change things for good permanently.

The little girl asked them, "What kind of world are you leaving behind for me?" 

Wake up Daughters of India!

"Wake up from your sorrow O sister of mine,
Look up to a morrow that is yours and mine,
We'll fight with society, we'll strive for our rights!
And never cease striving though we give up our lives."

These are lyrics of a song I wrote and composed some years ago - it was specially written to represent a women's project of the College of Social Work for a special programme. Today those words represent the cry of my heart too... for the daughters of our land - India!

You can find the song here... 

11 May 2019

You are a Ripple!

Source: https://cdn.hipwallpaper.com/i/42/17/1SrATd.jpg

Did you know...

You are a ripple
You can make a difference
You can change things
For better or for worse.

The crown is for those who choose to be
A change maker for good
The good of all,
Not just themselves and their circle of few.

Each of us have power
Realize that power
Realize your worth
Stand up and be counted
Make a difference in this world!!!

~ Henrietta Decruz (C) 2019

21 January 2019

Live a Mindful Life

Who holds the most important place in your heart?
Who holds the most important place in your life?
We tend to think that the person we love most will not hurt us
Chances are that person will hurt you and hurt you really bad.
Human beings are imperfect.
To expect them to never turn against your or hurt you is not practical at all.

Is there a way to guard our heart such that no one hurts us?
Is there a way to find true peace and happiness?
We spend so many years chasing dreams and all that we want
Yet never really get to a place of peace or happiness.
Is peace a mirage? Is it possible to be really happy?
Is genuine love and a lasting relationship a myth?

Many chase fame, fortune, wealth, power, status and reach a dead end
There is no happiness or peace at the end of those roads
For when they get there, they find themselves alone, very very alone
as no one is truly happy for them.
What is success if you have no one to celebrate it with?
What is fame if you are just person of interest for yellow journals.

When you look behind what do you see?
When you look in the mirror who do you see?
Do you feel good about the years gone by?
Are you happy you made it this far?
Do you have something to achieve in your life?
Do you have a goal that is bigger than your self?

These questions will determine your life
and if you can finish the race of this life well.
Maybe you have a great talent and it will help you be rich
Would you be happy if you accomplished it?
Maybe you have an ability that will help you change millions of lives
You life will then have much more value than if you lived for yourself.

Someday we will have to move out of this body we inhabit
Someday life will be a thing of the past
Those who love us will learn to live without us
Those whom we helped may live better lives because of us
When we crossover to the other side where will we be?
What will the world say about us when we are gone?

Think about it...
This life that is passing by one day at a time,
It has value and worth.
It is not to be frittered away on worthless things
You have worth and timeless value
Know your value and live a mindful life.

~ Henrietta Decruz (C) 2019


☝ Thanks to the contributors from Pexels.com for the pictures used in this blog. 

30 November 2018

I am ABBA's child - a song

This is a song I wrote and composed for children. They assert their identity of being a child of God, the Father in this song.

The tune of the song can be heard at this link

If any of you would like to teach children to sing this song, you are free to do so. I'll be happy to hear any audio or video recordings of this song

Song:       I am ABBA’s Child! 

Chorus: I am my ABBA’s daughter/ son (2)
               May I be more like Him!
                    I want to be more like Him!  

I want to learn, I want to walk
I want to talk like Him!
I want to work, I want to care
I want to be like Him!


He game me hands so I can help
He gave me lips so I can speak
A helpful word to those in need
And sing my songs of praise to Him!


I want to be all I can be – fulfill my destiny!
I want to see His will for me and do my best for Him.
He gave His best for me
So I’ll give my life to Him!


Modified Chorus:  
              We are our ABBA’s children! (2)
              May we be more like Him!
                   We want to be more like Him!  

~ written and composed by Henrietta Decruz 
                                       (Copyright 2018)

29 November 2018

Tell Me More About Christmas

A conversation between friends... in the form of a song.

This can be used as a part of Christmas programmes. I have worked on a rough tune, however music composers may feel free to work on their own tunes for it. If you would like to use this written material for your event or programme, do remember to give due credit for the lyrics and you could share a link to the audio/video of the presentation as a comment below. 

Tell me more about Christmas

1.      Voice 1:
I heard about that silent night
I heard about the bright new star, the mistletoe
The reindeer and Santa Claus
Oh won’t you tell me more about Christmas…
Why do we celebrate this ‘so-called’ happy day?
Oh tell me, tell me – more about Christmas
I want to know!

2.      Voice 2 answers:
Oh! Haven’t you heard the Christmas story?
How the angels sang on that blessed night
Sharing the good news of God’s glory
To some shepherds on a hill faraway
They shared that the King of kings was born tonight!
And they could go and see Him – He’s a baby in the manger
So the shepherds rushed to see the sight
And they found baby Jesus – with Mary and Joseph!

3.      Voice 1:
I have some more questions…
Why would the King of kings be born in a manger?
And why would shepherds rush to see a stranger?
Why do you rejoice at Jesus’ birth
When you know He later died on a cross?
Oh tell me more about this mystery
Cause when I think of it, I’m at a loss! 
Tell me tell me more about this mystery
For when I think of it, I’m at a loss! 

4.      Voice 2 answers:
Oh! That’s the reason that we all rejoice
You see the King of kings He had a choice
He could have chosen a palace but He chose an inn –
He could have lived as a king and sat on a throne
         but He gave it all up for me!
You see He did these things to set us free
From the sorrows that rob us of life!
He could have stayed in heaven on the throne
But He came as a babe just for you and me!

5.      Voice 3:
Hmmm… Your Jesus seems to be a wonderful guy
And you talk about Him as though you’ve really met Him!
I hear you pray a lot in Jesus name
Could you tell me more about Him?
The truth is I’ve been searching all my life
For the answers to some questions
You seem so happy ever since you found this Jesus
I really wish I could know Him too….

6.      Voice 4 answers:
Wow! Sure! Let me tell you first that Jesus loves you!
When He left His throne – He was thinking of you!
He chose to give up everything He had
So you could find true peace and happiness too!
No matter what you did wrong in life                  ]
He was happy and willing to pay the price          ]           2
To set you free so you can enjoy                          ]
All the best in this life and eternity!                     ]

7.      Voice 2:
Really? Oh I’m so glad that we celebrate Christmas!
Wouldn’t you love to receive the gift of brand new life?
Oh how I thank Him for thinking about us
When He left His throne became a human for us!
So come let’s celebrate Christmas
For Lord Jesus became a baby for us
He lived His life on earth and then He died
To wipe away the tears we’ve cried!

So come let’s sing –
Joy to the King!
Glory to God in the highest
Angels & saints
Sing praises to God
For giving us Jesus
The most wonderful gift of all!!!

I’m so glad it’s Christmas
I wish you a Merry Christmas!
Come let’s celebrate Christmas
The happiest birthday of all!!   

We’re so glad it’s Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas!
Come let’s celebrate Christmas
The happiest birthday of all!!  

Written by Henrietta Decruz (Copyright 2018)

03 October 2018

Salaam Zindagi! – A Salute to Life

My life has come full circle
I started out with many minuses
There were many tearful years
But everything turned out beautifully for me
The negatives were dealt with
The positives I held on to
Became lifesavers… literally!

I am not saying I’m a hero
I am not saying I did it all by myself
I am not saying that life is a bed of roses
But I am saying that my life turned around!
My sadness and sorrow was turned to joy!
From living in despair not knowing my future
I have become a person who is happy and content.

sky road street advertising sign symbol blue street sign signage blue sky outdoors clouds text signpost warning information traffic sign

There was a time I stood at the brink
Not wanting to live
Not having a reason to live
There wasn’t a soul who knew of my predicament
No human soul…
But the God Who created me…
He knew and held on to me.

I cannot but stand in awe that…
This great God Who holds the universe in His hands
Should care so much for one tiny little soul
Like me.
Why would He stoop so low to touch the ground
Just to comfort one hurting soul,
One girl no one else wanted.

Yes there He was day after day,
Night after night… without fail
Patiently bearing with my unbelief
Waiting for me to look to Him with faith.
It took Him years but He got my attention
When it dawned on me
That I had been saved in every way possible. 

Today I know that no matter what
My God is for me, He is with me and will never leave me!
I can vouch that even in troubled times
He will always be by my side…
My biggest encourager, support, teacher and guide
My most gracious provider and protector
He even fights my battles for me!

Today I have no doubt
That anyone anywhere can make it
If they just give Him one chance
To touch their life.
The ever-loving hands of the great ‘I AM’
Are ever reaching down to hold a soul
To touch, to comfort, to fill their every need. 

This great Creator didn’t stay in a heavenly mansion
Cut off from the pains we endure as humans
Jesus instead chose to become man,
Live a life like us and become a sacrifice
So we wouldn’t have to suffer ‘forever’.  
His love for each soul compelled Him
To make the supreme sacrifice… So great is His love!

If you have doubts or fears
If your eyes are full of tears
If you have no source of joy or supply
Try Him! He won’t let you down 
If friends and family have abandoned you
In your most dire need…
Call Him! He will be there for you!

~ Henrietta Decruz

18 September 2018

Flow - A spontaneous song by Henrietta

Recently my friend Olga had visited India. After a hectic two weeks we spent some hours at Varkala Beach to unwind. While I was enjoying the waves of the sea... I remembered wanting to record a song with the sound of sea waves in it, that was a long time ago. It was around 24 years back when I thought about it as I stood in front of the roaring sea in Mumbai.

Standing there, enjoying the breeze and the sound of sea waves... Suddenly I felt the urge to record something! I quickly took out my mobile phone and started recording using the Voice Pro App. At first I didn't think of anything... I thought I'll hum something... and as I began to hum, an idea for a song came to my mind and I went ahead and sang it just like that! So there were no retakes... just one single take. The song is as it came... natural with all the sounds even that of the people around and a notification on my phone!

At this point in my life I feel at peace and have joy in my heart. I thank the Lord God and also all those friends who stood by me in the dark and difficult times of my life. Recently, I was able to connect with Patricia King Ministries, she and her team have been a great blessing to me!

The lyrics of the song contains the message that I am telling myself.... Flow, flow my soul...

Moreover, I only recorded the audio while singing the song, I didn't record the video. Amazingly I noticed that the two videos of the sea waves I had recorded later and added to the sound track, they synced well too!

The credit for all the background 'music' goes to God, the Creator and my heavenly Father! Thanks to Him for the sound of the sea waves and the wonderful breeze. I wish you could feel the breeze caress your skin as it did mine while I was singing!

So here is the song... I hope you like it!

Have you tried doing anything spontaneously? Feel free to comment about it.

A New Beginning!

Its been a while since I wrote a blog. I was always meaning to write one... but weeks became months and I got really busy too.

In the course of Life, there are so many lessons to learn... some from our own experiences and some through those of others. There is never a dull moment!

Questions become essays and essays become chapters... and life goes on!

The good thing is that some questions do have answers... and some of these answers are helpful and interesting too.

In the recent months, I experienced the generosity of someone I haven't even met. Her generosity gave me the most priceless gift. The gift of overcoming the obstacles that I had encountered in my earlier years of life. Obstacles that had become stumbling blocks and didn't let me move ahead.

When someone has had to experience a lot of rejection, pain and suffering for years, the most obvious conclusion they would come to is that 'humans cannot be trusted.' But when someone comes through the chaos, the confusion and lights a lamp in the midst of the darkness that engulfs you... something magical happens... you begin to feel, to care, to believe that goodness still exists in the world and there is hope for you!

This somewhat describes what happened to me. The generous good deed by this precious lady had a great impact on me. It happened out of the blue!

My life's course took a great leap forward! I could see, learn and understand myself, my life situation and have a clearer more positive image of my future, thanks to what she facilitated. I pray that the Lord will bless her greatly just as the impact she had on my life.

I also got back to art! I got myself a new drawing book and decided to try using pastel colours for a change. And the result? This!

Colourful! - Henrietta Decruz

Drop of Life! - Henrietta Decruz

Scenery - Henrietta Decruz

The Cross at the Center - Henrietta Decruz

From Chaos to Clarity - Henrietta Decruz

Are you grappling with questions too? How do you deal with them?

Do you have hobbies that help you express yourself and what you are going through?

If you feel like it, do share about it.


Where Is Your Treasure?

This video asks some very pertinent questions!

Do watch it!

P.S: I take no credits for this video. 

02 July 2018

Heroes Come and Heroes Go

Heroes come and heroes go
Time goes on and no one knows
What the future holds for each
What the present tries to teach.

When we rave about someone
Make them bigger than they really are
It’s not fair, it sets them up
To lose their tag of being a star.

And on that day, people will cry
Some will wail a wail
While others will die
Because they said he wouldn’t fail.

Wake up people! This is life
If you fight a fight you can win or lose
Life is full of strife
Win or lose it’s not for us to choose.

Let your hero have some peace
Surely he didn’t want to lose
He works so hard, he paid a price
Don’t let his stardom become a noose.

Remember the good and great things he’d done
Thank him for his good skills and good work
Remember the matches and battles he won
Thank God for memories we have to look back.

- Henrietta Decruz 

Dedicated to the Football heroes, teams and fans who were sorely disappointed in this World Cup.