24 October 2015

Heal India - A Song by Henrietta

I have written a song for India. There has been so much hatred and violence in the recent past that we cannot recognize the India we live in any more. There is a need for healing and restoration of relationships within India. We need the beautiful and united India we once knew to emerge once again. So may my Hindi song 'Heal India' be a step in that direction. Here are the lyrics of the song....

SONG:     HEAL INDIA                                

Mera India bahut khoobsurat hai
Mera India ki pehchaan mohabbat hai
Isse khoon ki dariya banne na do!
Isse nafrat ki aag mein jalne na do!
Bachao mere India ko!
Bachao mere Bharat ko!!
Mera India…
Jo aag se khelne nikle hai
Us aag mein jalkar mit jayenge
Aisi koi aag na lagne do
Jisse desh ki aikya mitne lage!
Bachao mere India ko!
Bachao mere Bharat ko!!

Bache bache ye seekhe jahan
Har Bharatvasi bhai hai
Behenon ke upar aanch na lage
Jahan rishton mein sachchai hai!
Aisa hai Bharat mahaan apna
Yehi hai mera sundar sapna
Bachao mere India ko!
Bachao mere Bharat ko!!

Jahan bhedh-bhaav ek gaali ho
Sab ke ghar mein haryaali ho
Bache-budhe sab padhe likhe
Aur naujawaan naya daur rache
Aisi Bharat ka bhavishya ho
Sabke dillon me tassaali ho
Bachao mere India ko!
Bachao mere Bharat ko!!

Mera India bahut … 

© Henrietta Decruz 2015

Click here to hear the rough voice recording of the song

Please note: All credits for the pictures belong their respective photographers. Images sourced from the Internet. 

28 September 2015


A moment of birthing...
A transformation
A bringing to life
A sudden surge of energy
That catapults you
To a different dimension!

No looking back
No fretting
No complaints
No regrets
The joy of discovering
Your power is great!

What lies behind
Is in black and white
A lesson in time
A canvas with memories
A picture album
To visit sometimes.

Free your 'self'
There is no cage
There is no prison
Just an unending vast sky
That welcomes you
To dream and fly!

Yours every dream
Yours every opportunity
Yours is the vision
Bring it alive
Make it happen
Find your place under the sun!

~ Henrietta Decruz

Disclaimer: No copyright is claimed for any of the images used here. 

19 September 2015

Beauty Dies

When the beautiful things of life are pierced...
Unkindness, indifference or lack of concern
The beauty is marred
Its life shrivels
It dies.

It is better to not give
Your precious and beautiful things
To those who do not care
Their carelessness
Can kill.

A loving heart suffers all
But a time comes when it looks back
And realizes the loving was lost
It wasn’t to the right people
It stops.

~ Henrietta Decruz

The Breakdown

When there are cracks
Take heed
It is a matter of time
When the whole thing falls through.

Years of working together
Marred by indifference
Loss of trust
Cracks become fatal.

There comes a time
When you cannot hold it together
No matter what you do
It will be irretrievable.

The loss is permanent
The gentle heart sits still
Takes a while to decide
Sees the truth and leaves.

~ Henrietta Decruz 

17 September 2015

Do What Is Right For You

Think of the people you love the most... 

Are you walking in their shoes?
Are they telling you their thoughts?
Do they share their dreams with you?
They why do you hanker after them?

Who is guiding you every day?
Who is telling you what is good for you?
Is there anyone who cares?
Why fret for those who have no time for you?

Look at the person in the mirror...
Give her a hug
She is the only one who walks in your shoes
She is you!!!

~ Henrietta Decruz

My Empty Canvas

I look at the empty canvas of my life
Empty pages yet to be written
Ideas floating in front of me
Each represents what can
Fill this canvas.

I look at the canvases 
Filled in time gone by
Some gloomy and grey
Some cheerful and positive
Some mixed with myriad shades.

I want my life to be different
I want to shake off the chains that throttle
I want to fill my life with many hues
I want to live out the whole spectrum
And fulfill my destiny.

I know my life is fleeting
I know the scroll of time is limited
I look at those who lost their strength
And realize I must choose wisely
For life gives just one chance.

Let me fill my heart with goodness
Let me experience inner peace
Let me spread some cheer around me
Live a life that is free and complete
Before the last drop fills the canvas.

~ Henrietta Decruz 

The Right People

Who are the right people...
They are those who uphold our dignity at all times
They are those who come into your life as a blessing!
They are those who care for you in your downs
They are those who don't make you a joke, a laughing stock for others
They are those who value your person, your opinions
They are those who care about your dreams and desires
They are those who encourage you and lift your spirits.
They are those who stay in your life even it is difficult for them
They are true friends!!!

~ Henrietta Decruz

09 September 2015

A Note to Me

Dear me,
Its been a long time
There are times when I feel
Like I barely know you.

Buried under layers and layers
Of memories that dishearten me
I search for the true you
The 'you' unadulterated by time!

My family, my friends know some things
But I cannot make that claim
For I know they know a small part of you
And there is so much more to you!

Here I am searching, seeking
To dig deep beneath those layers
So I can encounter and relish
The real you!

It is time to let go of everything
That causes me to distrust you
It is time to leave every path
That takes me away from loving you.

At last! If I can truly say
I know who I am...
And if I can truly be myself fully
Then my life will be complete.

~ Henrietta Decruz 

31 August 2015


I saw them all
Rejected people....
In big numbers

Babies, children...
Old people...
All unwanted.

I saw hearts
Full of pain
Unwhole identities.

All craved for love
Hungry for goodness.

I wonder
If their being rejected
Is a statement about this society.

Is it their fault
They were rejected
Or is it the fault of this society?

I don't believe
In human refuse
No human can be thrown away
Every single human
Is a timeless soul
Meant to live for eternity.

I hate this use and throw culture
That sees so many humans
As worthless!

~ Henrietta Decruz

P.S: No claim of copyright is made for the photographs. The credits belong to the Photographer only. 

A Beautiful Mosaic

Today I was picking up the pieces
Fragments of my life
That I had sealed and put away.

I unpacked them and found
To my great joy
They still fitted into their original place!

I unlocked many memories
Of things I had accomplished
But had pushed into a corner somewhere.

As the pieces came together
I found it became a beautiful mosaic
As the rays of light shone through.

I was afraid to open the boxes
But now I realized
In opening them I released myself at last!

Nothing comes into our lives
Without a purpose
Everything has a nugget of gold in them. 

~ Henrietta Decruz

P.S: No copyright is claimed for the photographs. Credits belong only to the photographer. 


Sometimes in the journey of my life
I turn around to see
If someone cares enough to walk along.

There are moments in my life
When more than the hustle and bustle
I need the quiet assurance of love.

Sometimes I talk to people
Who do not respond
In the hope that someday they will.

Sometimes I get weary of waiting
Just to know I matter to them
When I have given them a pedestal in my heart.

Sometimes I wonder
Why the world is full of walls
While I try my best to build bridges!

~ Henrietta Decruz

24 July 2015

Seeking Answers

I seek release
From the heart crushers
The news that kill
My joy and hope.

There is so much
Of evil happening
In the world today
I wonder if I belong.

I hear of people
Losing their lives
For no reason.

I hang my head
In shame
When I think
This is my kind.

How do I face
Life tomorrow
As things only get darker
And evil prevails?

I realize
I have to answer
Only for my deeds
I gather myself.

I can speak
I can protest
I can stand up
For truth and justice.

But beyond that
I can do more
I can be positive and spread light
Live a life that inspires.


I am disappointed
With words spoken
Without meaning
Promises made
That are empty.

Why speak hollow words
And give someone
A reason to believe
That you will be fair
And just to them?

Why project an image
Of being a good person
If there is no goodness
Within too
Why pretend?

I’m tired of giving my best
To people
Who have no respect
For what I give
And who I am.

I’m tired of waiting
To be counted
After having made sacrifices
and giving when
it hurt to give.

In this dismal scene
It is so refreshing
To meet someone
Who means what they say
And cares, simply cares!

17 July 2015

No Rainbow

Where is the rainbow?
After a life of storms
I sat and searched the sky for a rainbow
My eyes strained…
But there was no color to greet my eyes

Another shower came by
And as in cue
The thunder and lightning too
Made their presence felt
I strained my neck… still no rainbow!

Feeling tired of chasing rainbows
I decided to give up
Find a better pastime…
As I was musing over it
I felt a breeze brush past me.

Sure enough the wind was teasing me
It pushed away some stray leaves
Making them dance and twirl
What a way to catch my attention!
I smiled to myself.

My friend the wind knew just what to do
To make me come alive
He would caress my skin and play with my hair
And tug at my dress from time to time
Just to let me know he’s there.

After a while of this romancing
I didn’t even notice one day
After a heavy downpour of rain
There stood a proud rainbow
Beckoning at me, “Here I am!”

I looked at the rainbow and said, ‘Wow!’
Just then my friend the wind whistled near my ear
And caught my attention yet again
I realized it is not the fleeting things we live for 
But those simple things that make our lives meaningful.

~ Henrietta Decruz

20 May 2015

Wounded Soldier

Wounded soldier soldier
Just come home from the fight
Feeling no one wants you 
So confused of wrong and right
Wondering how it is going to be
Now that life has changed so much
Wondering if you’re equal
To challenges in sight!
Wounded soldier soldier
You still have to fight
Wounded soldier soldier
This war of life!

Things have changed
They no longer look the same
Yesterday you were strong
Today it is just a memory
Longing for that feeling
The feeling it’s alright!
Crying out in pain and misery
For wounds you cannot see
Wondering if you’ll get well
If you can move on in life!
Wounded soldier soldier
You’re still a hero deep inside
Come on and hold your pride!

Times are changing they say
The war raises questions
Leave no answers behind
You’re still facing the burdens
Ever since that day…
How can you ever forget
The journey to the war
The prodding and the pruning
To sharpen your reflex
And when that moment came
And you were down
Wounded soldier soldier
You still wear the crown
For standing and believing 
It’s right to fight for a just cause!

Written and composed by Henrietta Decruz

18 May 2015

The Turnaround

Tough times
Tough lessons…
Experiences to lock away forever
To learn from
To relate to
To become wiser.

Maybe you are facing
A difficult crossroad in life
Maybe you have no strength
Left to go on
I’ve been through this
I got through it.

Yes you will make it too
You are not a statistic
You were born for a purpose
You are not here by chance
You were created
Specially handcrafted by His hands.

Don’t let anyone tell you
You don’t matter
You do!
It they think they are trash
It is their choice
You were created for glory!

I was empty broken and bruised
When I met Him!
He comforted me
Gave me hope
Led me through darkness
Into the Light!

Today I stand here
An overcomer, wiser
Who knows her worth
For the King stood up for me!
He holds out His hand to you
Will you reach out for Him?

14 May 2015

My version of the song "Hallelujah!"

I was listening to the various versions of the song 'Hallelujah' by Leonard Cohen. The true meaning of the word Hallelujah is 'Praise the Lord!' I couldn't help realize that very few of the versions really were about God. I felt deep in my heart the need to write a version that was centered on HIM for whom the praise really was.
https://evanlaar2014.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/starstree.jpgMoreover, even I have been far away from God and was able to know Him closely only through His mercy and forgiveness. So here is my version... a song of a person who was brought back into close fellowship with God by His love and mercy and how she/he feels about this relationship in the now and for the future.
I hope this song's lyrics will touch a chord in every heart so they would themselves seek to know the Truth about the real true God. No, any of us don't need to take someone else's word for it... if you are a truly a Seeker, you will find Him! Keep on seeking... and you will find Him, His love, His truth and His Peace more than anything else!!!
I have done a rough recording of this version and put it up in Sound Cloud.com. Here is the link to the song...  https://soundcloud.com/henrietta-decruz/hallelujah-by-henrietta-decruz
I don't claim to be a great singer... I have just a simple voice and an ability to sing which I think is a gift from God Himself. I am thankful for it! So here is my offering to the Lord GOD Who saved my life many times and in many ways! Anything I do cannot repay Him for His love, His forgiveness, His protection and provision! 
Glory to God!!! Amen!
Here are the lyrics of my version of 'Hallelujah!'

I know there is a secret place
Where we do meet face to face
I thrive in every moment, Hallelujah!
No nothing else can take Your place
No! No one else could match Your grace
I celebrate Your glory, Hallelujah!!!

Chorus:      Hallelujah!

No, I was not so close to You
There was a time when I hated You
I blamed You for my sins, Hallelujah!
I was wrong I realized
When You came down opened my eyes
And I could see my truth, Hallelujah!                 Chorus

It took many years to reach the truth
To know Your love, Your loving heart
And Oh! How much it hurt me, Hallelujah!
That I did wrong and grieved Your heart
Yet You stood strong endured my part
You didn’t give up on me, Hallelujah!                Chorus

I’m standing here, all healed made whole
You filled my heart, filled every hole
You gave me a new life, Hallelujah!
I cannot bear to hear them say
The words that curse and tear You down
You never did deserve it, Hallelujah!                  Chorus

Yes, this is a world that turns its back
On everything You did for them
When I speak up for You, they will hate me
They spat on You, they tore Your clothes,
Humiliated You, gave You a cross
So how can I think that they will love me?                Chorus

Lord Jesus let me die for You
You’re the only One who is ever true
It’s a privilege I will have Hallelujah!
I wait for the day when this life is done
This race is over, the victory won
And I can run into Your arms, Hallelujah!          Chorus

Written by Henrietta Decruz
Based on the tune of “Hallelujah!’ by Leonard Cohen 

08 May 2015

Love and Protect Your Self

No matter what anyone thinks... there are times when we have to draw the line and make a boundary to protect ourselves from encroachers who rob us of our peace!
When Jesus said, "Love your neighbor..." He said "as yourself." The standard of loving the other was the way you first love yourself. When we love ourselves we need to see to our safety and constantly be aware of who is with us and who is working against us.
Sometimes we refuse to see the truth about someone because we love them, we think they are important to us... etc etc. But the truth is we came into this world 'alone' and alone we will leave it! It is better to put aside the notion that someone else is the cornerstone of our life! And if someone has to be important in our life it is better we let them earn our trust!
Don't give away your love or trust to anyone on a platter! Nobody is worthy of it... those who care for us, who treat us right, who go out of the way to do something good for us... who pray for us... they are worthy! Leave the others into a lower priority list... for that is where they truly belong!

Song: Walk to Freedom

This is a song I specially wrote to a tune composed by George Antony. 
He sang it for the first time on 3rd of May 2015 during his performance at Cafe Papaya in Kochi. 

Song:  Walk to Freedom

I left my old life far behind
I left that hole to chase my dreams
Little did I know where it’ll lead me
Little did I know the pain is more!

Chorus:   I will walk in the sunshine
     I will walk in the light
     I have decided to do right
     I have decided to ride!
All of the blues they will not hold me
All my setbacks I leave behind
I’m looking forward to the future
I’m leaving all the hatred behind!


Come on let’s welcome the morning
Come on and dance here with me
Open your eyes see the freedom
The night is over can’t you see?


07 March 2015

Wake Up My Sister! - A song by Henrietta Decruz

This is a song that I specially wrote and composed on the occasion of the Bicentenary Celebrations of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary, the group that runs the College of Social Work. It was in 1990.

The background music is by Leon D'Souza and the voice in this track belongs to Aarti Rao. It was my first time in a sound studio then! An unforgettable experience.

The song can be heard at this link...
Wake Up My Sister! - A song by Henrietta Decruz

This is the link to the song on soundcloud.com

06 March 2015

Love that frees

In all the days of my life
Never have I seen
Love that encompasses me
And yet sets me free.

Such amazing love
That affords me the privilege
To grow, to live, to breathe and thrive
Can only come from God!

Your love O Lord
Has made me strong
Given me strength
To overcome wrong!

You condescend
You touch me
A lowly soul made of dust
You made great.

When I am lonely
When I cry in pain
I lean on Your loving arms
You comfort me.

Why would I ever trade
Our special love
With any lowly thing on earth?
Wouldn't it be crazy?

Too precious for words
Infinitely beautiful and endless

Your love is my life
I couldn't live without it
You are the air I breathe
You are my very life.

~ Henrietta 

25 February 2015

Pointing fingers at Mother Teresa?

Jesus said, ""Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13
‪#‎MotherTeresa‬ exemplified this in her life. She came from Albania but chose to spend her life among the poor, the downtrodden, those cast away by their own families to die on the streets. She laid down her life for them. She did it because she loved Jesus so much that she wanted to obey His command of loving others as He loved her. She never asked the dying what their religion was before she accepted them. She just treated them all with the same love and dignity as her Lord wanted her to treat them.
How many Indians have done this for other Indians? Our country has the distinction of having the caste system through which millions of people were and are still being ill-treated and treated as less than human because they were born in a 'low caste.' Even today we get reports of 'untouchability' being practiced in different parts of the country! Think about all the atrocities that were and are still being committed in the name of this. What a shame!
Today there are so many people picking up the broom to be a part of the #‎SwachchBharat‬ Campaign and taking pictures with it. Some decades ago only the 'lower castes' were made to do all these things. In fact they were forced to do the most menial things that others didn't want to have anything to do with such as clean human refuse. Would any of our esteemed RSS leaders want to trade places with them? Would those who look down and question the motives of people who have done life long service to humanity trade places and accept the lowliest place that was thrust upon millions of people for no fault of theirs?

Mother Teresa didn't flinch when she cleaned up the dying who were found in gutters... she didn't see the dirt and muck on them... she saw their humanity... she saw her Lord who said, 'Whatever you do for the least of My brothers that you do unto Me!' She lived for Him and died for Him. Her life is her testimony. No one has the right to stain it.