31 May 2011


One word
One unsaid word
Flowing emotions
Joy, anger, pain, loss…
Ups and downs
A total fool
A dream lost!

Are there perfect dreams
Or people without faults
Who know how to get along
With lesser mortals
Without giving up on them?
Why does it take a mess
To make things fall apart?

A perfect world
Is a myth
A perfect person
A bigger myth
A perfect relationship
Without any flaws
Does it really exist?

One tries
The other gives up
One cries
The other tears up
Broken fragments
Lying around
Flying in the wind. 

Words, My Friend

I missed you.
It’s been a long time
Since we had heart talk.
I’m sorry
I was hiding from you.
Some heart-aches
Some urgent situations
Took my attention away
For a while.

You’ve been my faithful friend
You always listen patiently
As I vent off
The good, the bad, the ugly…
What would I do without you!
As I sit here alone
At my favorite perch on the terrace
And watch the birds fly home
It’s good to have a trusted friend along…

Today was just another day
Routine to the careless eye
But my heart would say otherwise
It touched rock bottom
In sadness and despair
As a dream tugged away
Like a balloon on a string
Cut loose and flew away.
Someone cut the string
So abruptly
I couldn’t do anything.

Words, my friend
Have you met Tears, my other friend?
Well you both should meet some day…
Because what I’m not able
To share with one
I share with the other.
Tears is a friend
I don’t have to talk to
She silently understands
The emotions of my heart
 As tears flow down my cheeks.

Between the two of you
I share my grief, my pain
Even my lessons, the stress, the strain.
Have I ever told you
How much you mean to me?
Well amidst a world full of people
You are my best friend.
You don’t leave me
You don’t deceive me
You never cause me pain
But you are always near
Whenever I need 
A trusted friend!

02 May 2011

Follow Me - a Song

I've been through a lot of storms in my life and through the ups and downs there were friends who stood by me whenever they could. However I had to spend a huge chunk of time in pain - alone. During this time it was my Lord Jesus who stood by me and reassured me, comforted me through His Word, His loving presence in my life. This song portrays what Jesus said and did for me during those toughest times in my life. I owe my life and all that I am... will ever be to Him! This song is my tribute to my Lord Jesus!!! 

I am glad to say that this song has got me the Finalist position in the UK Songwriting Contest in 2010!  

Watch the video of my song 'Follow Me'

Follow Me 

I can see there’s so much hurt inside

Neath the smile that you are trying to hide
Hope is crushed, dreams all fade away
And you think, don’t wanna live another day.

Pick up your cross and follow Me,
There’s so much good for you to see
Throw all your burdens in My Hands
Even if you don’t understand
Just know, I care,
I’m there,
Forever I’ll be true,
That’s how much I love you.

Yes, they hurt, they cause a lot of pain,
And you tried, all your efforts were in vain,
For every deed of kindness you were hurt
And you thought that you had just no worth.   


You wonder how you will see the sun,
You’re tired how can this race be run?
Can’t you see that though they tried their worst
You’re standing still, and you won’t bite the dust.


~ Written and composed by Henrietta Decruz (c)

You can download the song at this link...

You Are - A Song for Jesus

You are
more than equal
The King of all that is…
Yet You came and became nothing
So every soul shall live
Who am I that I should take pride?
Who am I that I should look down from high?
Who am I? 

My Lord the Master of the universe!
My Lord the King of kings!
My Lord the Savior the sacrifice
Who teaches me how to live 

In my sin…
You never shunned me
You came and gave me hope
From within I was so broken
You brought my soul to life
Who am I to look down on others?
Who am I to ill-treat my brothers?  
Who am I?                                     Chorus

Filled with smiles
my heart is singing
The song of eternal joy
By Your love Your warmth is healing
Every wound inside
Why would I not share it with others?
Why should I not of Your love testify?
Why shouldn’t I?                             Chorus 

With all my heart
I want to praise You 
You’re more than life to me!
All my life I want to serve You
Make my life count for You!
It is my joy to do as You tell me
It is my pride to call You my own!
I am Yours!                                    Chorus

~ Written and composed by Henrietta (c) 

You & I - A song for a Christian couple

You and I
Are here together face to face
Joining hearts and singing praise
Praises to our God.
You and I
Have so much to be thankful for
As we look beyond the door
At life beyond the veil.

You and I
Seeking love and loving grace
Touching hearts in soft embrace
And kisses of the Lord.
You and I
Surrounded by His warmth and love
Blessings and showers from above
How wonderful His love!

You and I
Are instruments to spread His love
Speak the words and live the vow
To die so He can live
You and I
Relationships enriched by Him
His grace is flowing through the brim
And moving many hearts.                  Chorus

You and I
He fashioned us so we can give
To each other our love and live
A life of joy and peace
You and I
He’s holding us inside His palm
Giving us His loving balm
Shielding us from pain.                     Chorus

You and I
Are children apples of His eye
He binds with cords that don’t untie
Through all eternity
You and I
Pleasing Him in all we do
His blessings fall on us anew
As we walk within His love.               Chorus

~ Written and composed by Henrietta Decruz (c)

Life is Calling You - a Song

Here is a song I have written for those who are going through the toughest of times... and feel like they can't take it any more... The message is - 'Hold on! You can make it!!! Please remember gold is made perfect in fire.'

I hope this song is a blessing to you!  

You can hear it here: https://soundcloud.com/henrietta-decruz/life-is-calling-you-henrietta-decruz-paul-mathew 

Check out the lyrics of the song...

Life is Calling You

Don’t sit alone and cry and groan
Don’t think that you were born to moan
Though things may look so very bad
Your heart so heavy and so sad…

You’ve been called to a life of greatness
You were chosen for a special purpose
And you’ve got it inside you
So don't let others bother you.

      Baby give it a try
      You just can’t die
      Life is calling you
      Everything can be made new!
      Life is calling you… (2) Pick up the phone (3)

Life is great for those who held on
For they were not like wind just gone
The wish to stay on builds up your strength
So don’t let people mark your end.

(Spoken words) 

You’ve gotta make it, you’ve gotta make it right
You’ve gotta fight it, you’ve gotta put up a fight
Don’t think that you won’t make it
Don’t say that you can’t take it.


      Pick up the phone (3)
      Call the helpline…
      There are people who care
      People to share
      Your heart’s cry…
      Come on – pick up the phone… (2)
      Life is calling you…

Written and composed by Henrietta Decruz

God bless you!!!

The Father’s Love - a Song

I thank God for being this wonderful Father to me... 

The Father’s Love
I was sad and crying
But my Lord didn’t leave me dying
He comforted me
With His love…

He said, ‘Child, don’t you fear!
Your Father is here
I love you!
You’re the apple of My eye!’

I will hold you and shield you
I will keep you from harm
In the time of trouble
I’ll be by your side.
   So child, don’t you fear….  Chorus

In your weakness, in your need
I’ll be everything you need
All you need to do
Is call on My name!
    So child, don’t you fear…. Chorus

No matter what
The others say about you
No matter if
The tide turns against you…
    So child, don’t you fear…. Chorus

~ Written and composed by Henrietta Decruz

P.S: He is the best! Give Him a chance... to show you how much HE loves you!!!