15 March 2017

No Regrets

Talking to someone
Retracing steps in life
I realized
I’ve come a long way
I learned
I have grown
I rejoice
I have no regrets.

Though pain stabbed
My inner being
Grief almost
Maimed my soul
My heart cried
Till every tear had run dry
I survived
I lived to tell my story.

At every juncture
Every difficult phase
My heart though grieved
Had made the right decisions
I loved
I gave
I helped
I cared for others.

I thank God
Who has been
My Helper
My Counselor
My Comforter
My Guide
My Strength
My Protector.

Years of pain
Numbed my mind
Yet He kept me going
He kept me sane
His love a balm
Over every wound
His words so loving
It gave me life.

It may seem
I am a hero
But I know
The real hero
Is God, the One
Who silently shielded
Carried and held me 
Till I found myself. 

- Henrietta Decruz

06 March 2017

I AM Radio plays my song 'Follow Me'

On the 25th February 2017, I received the most wonderful news!

Bob McKinley, the Station Director of I AM Radio wrote to me saying, "We listened to both of your songs and thought that "Follow Me" was the best fit for our Christian Contemporary station. With your permission we will add it to our featured playlist. God Bless and may the Holy Spirit inspire you to keep writing more songs!"

It was the best news for me!

Today, the 6th March 2017, my joy was complete as I heard my song play on air live through I AM Radio!

What a joy!

About I AM Radio

I AM Radio is a non-profit commercial-free radio station located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We believe that music is a social medium that reaches out to believers and non-believers alike and that is also why we chose the rock and adult contemporary formats. We want to give people an alternative to the other rock and contemporary media out there which promotes hopelessness, despair, anger, and lust. Instead we want to provide a message of hope and encouragement. There are many talented and committed Christian artists creating Christian Music and we hope to promote them and their message.

A BIG Thank You to I AM Radio!! They are a big blessing to me! I hope my song will be a blessing to many people around the world!

You can listen to I AM Radio here...

If you would like to hear the song 'Follow Me' you can hear it here...