26 December 2009

When Heroes Fail Us

‘He is my Hero!’ ‘He is the ultimate; I want to be like him!’ ‘What would my life be without her!’ We have all experienced this craze at some time or another… Some of us don’t swoon about movie stars, footballers or F1 winners, our heroes are in our homes, neighborhood or community. They are people who command our respect in any area that is special to us, be it politics, culture, entertainment or even spirituality. We place them on a pedestal and hold them in high esteem.

Our lives and all our important decisions sometimes rotate around them or are influenced by them. You won’t shrug your shoulders when you see someone who is dressed up like Michael Jackson, walks and talks like him. Some people take it to extremes and collect memorabilia; building monuments to the person they idolize. Then again we have the family member or neighborhood hero who is the reason why we chose a line of work or hobby. They affect our dreams and our future.

I’ve seen a lot of people whose hero-worship came to a point and then slowly died out. They grow over it and carry on with their lives. Perhaps they realized that there is a lot more to life than the larger than life images of their ‘heroes’. Perhaps they saw through the fa├žade and learned that beneath that image the ‘hero’ was just like every other person. Some people are not so lucky. They learn the truth the hard way when their hero does something to break their trust or goes against the fundamental beliefs that they stand for while spoiling their image in public. At such times being aligned with that hero becomes a painful experience.

Placing someone on a pedestal involves blind faith. It is something like taking a huge microscope and admiring just one part of something that in reality has many other sides to it. However we are so besotted about that one part that we fool ourselves into thinking that the one part we are looking at is actually ‘the whole’. We programme ourselves to see that one part throughout our lives. The truth is this programming of our minds would actually succeed if it was not for the hard knocks we get in life!

I’ve grown up the hard way. I’ve had enough hard knocks to make me cynical about people around. My experiences with parents, siblings and some others have taught me that I should not expect anyone to be perfect. These experiences have taught me that 99 percent of the time people will fail you.

There was a time when I couldn’t find any fault in my parents and siblings. I blindly believed every word they said and never imagined that they could even ‘dream’ of hurting me. The fact that I was very different from them didn’t help me. I wanted so desperately to belong that I looked up to them and wanted to be like them!

Over the years when they did something wrong or hurt me, my mind would throw up different excuses for lapses on their part. I was the perfect cover-up agent! ‘Oh! I’m sure they didn’t have a clue I would feel like this…’ The ultimate line was ‘Maybe there is something wrong with me’ or ‘I’m just not worth it…’ I barely realized that in this game of keep up a fallen hero I was pulling myself down and building an edifice for them over me. 

Sadly for me, all the time I spent battling to keep them on that pedestal only meant that there would be more and more hard knocks for me. Years later, I woke up from my sleep and found myself alone… terribly alone. Something in me told me that this was what I was trying to run away from in the first place. I didn’t want to be alone. Finally I was left without any heroes and without any helper to pick me up from the miserable depths I had fallen down to.

During the time I struggled with these issues, I found that all I ever needed was true faith – faith in God, His truth and faith in who I was and who I was made to be. Learning this turned on the light inside my heart, my mind and my spirit. I learned that there was nothing wrong in being myself and being different. I learned that everyone has a life of their own to live and that ‘everyone’ included me too. Suddenly I could release them from that pedestal and let them be.

I realized I didn’t have to live my life like a puppet playing to ‘their expectations’, I could be myself, have my own goals and spend my life in pursuit of these goals. I was finally freed from the vicious circle that hero-worship pulls us into – making your whole life about celebrating your hero which when in extreme amounts to a kind of self-destruction.

Now I sing a different kind of song. I encourage everyone to find out who they are and what they are meant to be. Just as a hand has five fingers of different sizes and different strengths but together they help us to do a variety of things. Similarly even in a family, each individual is made differently and has different strengths, likes and dislikes. Each person has a different God-given purpose for their life which they will need to find out for themselves and then figure out how to fulfill it. Comparison and living someone else’s dream is an absolute no-no! Being remote-controlled and remote-controlling anyone else is unthinkable!

The basic fundamental truth is that no two individuals – even if they look alike – are the same. Each and every one of us is unique and has infinite potential. It is a known and established fact that every person’s thumb-print is unique and different. Similarly, the make-up of their personality is pre-ordained and intricately woven through time. We find written in the Bible the words, ‘For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ (Psalm 139:13-14NIV) This reinforces and emphasizes our uniqueness.

Released from the cage of self-depreciation and finally having found the ability to stand… I relish this newfound freedom and wouldn’t part with it for anything or anyone in the world. When I see those who are successful I think about what I can learn from them for my own life. I am very carefully strain out their undesirable behavior traits while I choose to emulate what is good in them. Now I find it easier to allow those who used to be my heroes to be human, live their own lives, make mistakes and learn from them.

22 December 2009

Why I rejoice this Christmas even though I am in mourning

I have every reason to mourn and to cry my heart out this Christmas because my brother died in an accident this year. Tradition says, ‘Don’t celebrate Christmas because there has been a death in the family’. There are others in my home who believe and follow these traditions and so there is a shadow over our home… the shadow and gloom of mourning. But I would not be honest if I had to say that the same shadow is there in my heart. I am sure many of you who read this will be alarmed and start thinking, ‘Doesn’t she love her brother!?!’; ‘How could she?’ etc. Before you condemn me for my stance let me explain to you how I see this matter.

My Lord Jesus came into this world for our salvation. Salvation is the gift that gives mere mortals like us ‘eternal life’. If it were not for Jesus every one of us would have perished – meaning that when we died – our souls would be destroyed and have no more hope. But Jesus changed all that. He, who lived in the unimaginable splendor of heaven and had all power and authority over everything on earth, didn’t have to come down and become a mere human being at all. But He did. He did it because that was the only way to save mankind from the consequences of the sin of Adam and Eve.

You would be aware that many religions have something called a ‘sin offering’ where a sacrifice is made in atonement for some sin or crime committed. Since ages ago people have offered the blood of lambs and goats, doves and other small living beings for these sacrifices. Even in the Jewish laws, there are rules that a blemish-less lamb has to be sacrificed for atonement.

You would also be aware of the time of flood during Noah’s time and the Word of God says that wickedness in the world had risen to such an extent that God grieved and despaired that He had made man.(Genesis 6:5-7) This story is found in thousands of folklore around the world and is known to be a fact. What we need to understand here is that sin had increased to such a great extent that the mere sacrifice of small animals would no longer atone for all the sins of mankind. God saw that only Noah was righteous and instead of wiping out the human race He gave us a chance. Noah and his family grew in number and inhabited the world again.

God could have just let all of die for the consequences of our sins. I am sure you would all agree that when we look into the changes we have seen just in the last forty years, wickedness has increased to the degree that what was termed wicked and wrong at that time is no longer considered wrong anymore. Promiscuity is so rampant that it is common and doesn’t raise eyebrows any more! When the common level of ‘sin’ is so high, I am sure the individual levels can’t be far behind.

God created man to live forever eternally but sin disqualified him from it. God made a plan to save us from eternal destruction and that is where Jesus fit in. He came to be the blemish-less sinless ‘sin offering’ – the ‘Lamb of God’ who would be offered on our behalf, for our sins. We all know that a man like Jesus who didn’t do a single wrong had to die the death of a criminal on a cross – condemned and humiliated.

He who had power over everything chose to die that day so that His death would become the atonement for us. The good news for human kind was that three days after his death He rose again. Death came into the world after Adam’s sin – it was a consequence of his sin. Jesus hadn’t sinned at all so that consequence had now effect on Him. Death had no power over Him and He rose again! With His rising from the death He became the beautiful door through which anyone who wishes to forsake his sinful nature can walk through and go to heaven blameless!!!

My brother Noel had accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior. Just days before his accident he had stood up and asked for the forgiveness of all his sins, he was washed in the Blood of Christ – Who atoned for all his sins. If it were not for my Lord Jesus, my brother would have been dead forever – but he is not dead…his soul lives!!! All of us are going to die sometime or another. But I can now live with the hope that when my time on earth is over I can meet him again in heaven and I rejoice that I haven’t lost him forever.

It was the Christmas night when this beautiful miracle of Salvation began to unfold through the birth of Christ. How can I not celebrate the birth of the Savior of all mankind who gave His all so that we could live? If Jesus were not there, I would mourn all my life because there would be no hope for me or for anyone else.  

But Jesus is here and He is alive, He is my hope, my joy and everything to me. He has wiped my tears every time I have cried… though I have lived among family, none of them knew the grief and pain I have borne but Jesus knew… He has answered countless prayers I have prayed for all my loved ones… so who am I that I should complain to my Lord about anyone’s death? Hasn’t He done all that could be done to save our souls?

Yes I grieve… I grieve for all the countless people who live without hope because they do not know Him. I grieve for all those people who have no idea about this wonderful gift that Jesus has given them freely. I grieve that those who say they know Him but live like those who don’t know Him at all.

Knowing Jesus personally changes you forever… you will never be the same again. If you want to know Him for yourself you just have to say this prayer, ‘Dear Jesus, come into my heart. Please forgive me for all my sins. Thank You for Your gift of salvation. I accept You as my Savior, please reveal Yourself to me and help me a life that is pleasing to You, Amen. ’

Friends, this is the single greatest treasure of my life… and it is a treasure I would love every one to have, Jesus – the one blessing that is the fountain of all blessings in our life!!

18 December 2009

Watching My Mind’s Door

Dry, Lifeless and worthless…..

I fight with these words that attempt to mar my psyche…

I cannot bear their assault on my moods and thereby wasting my day!

What on earth was I thinking when I let these words enter into my mind!

Day in and day out… I struggle with images and ideas that seek to conquer my mind and make me do things that I would not otherwise permit…(not while I’m thinking for myself, I’m sure!)

Some gain-seeking ad-making remorseless person or persons put bottomless ideas into words and visuals which have only nuisance value to me….. I wish I could meet some of these purposeful problem creators and give them a piece of my mind!  

If this is the state of a thinking person, I wonder what will become of those who don’t exercise their minds… poor, misled, ill-treated souls… wandering the desert of lost ideas and depraved self-images.

How much of the life we live is really and truly ours? Do we really have any say in what enters our minds, our thoughts and subsequently our lives through the decisions we make which are influenced by them?

Why did I give someone the authority to work their way into the inner chambers of my mind by using appealing and sometimes hypnotic means, just to make me a puppet to the ideas they are planting?

Why should I follow a fashion, a trend… a must-have… cant-die-without kind of wave of thought, culture or way of life? Don’t you see it’s obvious that no one expects me to live my own life! If I do like to think for myself they think there is something wrong with me… after all I don’t depend on the experts, the books or the way the people who are ‘in’ say I should be.

Hey! Get off me! You…. Creepy crawling person-snatching clone-making machine!!! I do believe that my Maker didn’t make a clone of me. He has a plan and purpose for my existence and didn’t expect me to fit these silly parameters to succeed except what is written in the one and only Success in Life Manual*.

I think I need a purging and cleansing to get all this junk out of my system, but will someone tell the ad-makers, the copywriters and the movie makers to keep the morbid and hell-raising thoughts out of our minds? I’m sure there will be less people going to shrinks if these people thought about what they were cultivating with their wares.

A mind that is uneducated in the ways of thinking for itself is not capable of getting out of the maze of desires and thoughts that are baseless or valueless; it simply gets trapped in a series of wants and must-haves… These minds bombarded by words, images and ideas screaming at them every moment… in their house, in the streets… the land, the water and the sky too conquered in the bid for more eyeballs.

I dream of a world without advertising, without voices telling you this is good or better and the other… without degradation and devaluation of the entity of a person… where the land, the water, the sky is left for me to admire and feel like I’m a part of a vast universe and belong to it. Please, can anyone give me a natural, more humane world… a world where business doesn’t pollute the finer aspects of life and portray it tainted with their self-interest, but allows us experience life as we truly should – firsthand! For every good ad out there, there are several which feed on our ill-suspecting minds and empty our already impoverished pockets!

What should I call this… a revolution… a rebellion against the trend-setters… a minds-up in arms strike against the idea givers… or fight for freedom of thought! Its time for peace to rule over the mind-waves….  Time we shrug off the people who make a living by infringing our personal space – they are merely parasites whom we have enshrined and placed on a pedestal!

Thinking about ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘right to information’. I believe that each of these need to be defined. If someone sells drugs or death in the name of freedom of expression using some catchphrase, would you say its okay? If someone gives information to make explosives to destroy the planet in the name of information would you be able to decide whether it’s right or wrong when other minds without restrain learn from it and put that information to use in a way that can destroy an entire city? 

Millions of people, one planet, one life… Relationships, families, cords that bind each and every one to one another and all others…  One huge responsibility… and one question… Am I my brother’s keeper???

* – the Bible

13 December 2009

A Silent Spectator

I used to be silent… said nothing
As days unfolded themselves
A silent spectator
Watching, hearing and feeling
But not speaking.

Voices floated everywhere
Voices laughing, speaking
Joking about trivial things
Voices sharing views and opinions
While I silently opined
In the deep recesses of my mind.

My silence proved too costly
As views about me were made
Mouth pieces spoke on my behalf
My silence did not help.
My actions always hidden
Because I would not share
It seemed I didn’t do anything
Or that I just didn’t care.

I looked around for understanding
But voices all around were being thrown
None were directed to me
No one asked me how I felt.
I felt like a nameless nothing
Or a wallpaper that simply decorates
Or even yet something
That had no worth at all.

Over the years my silence
Has taught me lessons of wisdom
I have learnt not to value people
By the words that come from their mouths
I have learnt that those who really care
Don’t need for us to talk
That the ones who’ll always be with us
Are those who with us walk.

The camaraderie of silence is wonderful
It can be felt everywhere
Among friends or even with strangers
It may be a look or a silent stare
In just a moment of being
A soul can connect with another
When they find they were watching something
And thinking about the same thing.

Knowing that not having a voice hurts
I finally decided to find my own voice
And to exercise not only for myself
But to speak for the untold masses
To speak about the things that hurt.
There are lost in the teeming millions
Those whose pain nobody shares
They have dreams they have buried inward
In the fear that no one cares.

Though I love to dwell in the silence
I have learnt for myself to speak
For no one else can explain me
No one else can share my heart
I speak with my voice and my actions
Clarifying people’s thoughts about me
The losses I bore are now markers
Of lessons learnt the hard way
It is enough for me to be myself
To speak from my heart and for myself.

P.S: I must confess that now the impression has changed altogether… now the complain is that I talk too much!!!

Tiger Woods – Tough times for a celebrity

Tiger Woods has today become a name synonymous with adulterous affairs. When he first became a successful star golfer, the whole world was there to laud him. Numerous ad-campaigns, fame and success, everything came seeking him. Little children wanted to follow his footsteps… And now, some years later, he has become a laughing stock.

I can’t help feeling amused that this world that is pointing fingers at him is the same world that does not celebrate fidelity and monogamy. Tiger Woods is not an exception. He is just someone who was caught under the glare of the spotlight and has been proclaimed guilty for something that is the recurring theme of so many soap-operas and films. Infact, it is the truth about so many other celebrities’ lives. Why look too far, there are so many ‘Married-But-Available’ men and women around all over the place.

I feel sad for him because he has realized his mistakes, hopefully learnt from this lesson and now wants a chance to make it up to his wife. He wants to save his marriage and his family. There is nothing dishonorable in what he wants. I fear that the world, the media and all the sneering voices who are busy making a fast buck at throwing muck at him and digging more dirt on him will not give him the chance or the space he needs to work out things in his life. He doesn’t stand a chance if we don’t leave him alone…. He and his family need space and time, without the glare of cameras and screaming headlines so that they can let these broken relationships start healing again.

While thinking about Tiger’s predicament and the current prevalent culture in which having numerous affairs doesn’t raise eyebrows at all… I remembered there was an incident in which an adulterous woman was caught in the act and brought before Jesus. They asked him, ‘Master, what should we do about her?’ The law of that time required that such women be stoned to death. They stood there testing Jesus, ready with stones to throw at this woman… waiting to see her blood flow till she was dead.

Jesus paused for a while, scribbling in the sand. The men who brought her along became restless seeking his answer. Jesus was still scribbling on the sand when he told them, ‘Let the person who has not sinned at all throw the first stone.’ I can imagine how stunned each of them would have been… their expressions mirroring their dilemma as their conscience reminded them that they were equally bad sinners… One by one, stung by the voice of their conscience they dropped their stones and left.

Jesus then asked this woman where her tormentors were. She said they had gone. Then inspite of being the only man who was actually qualified to throw the first stone because he was sinless himself, he said, ‘I don’t condemn you either. Go, and sin no more.’

 I often marvel at this wonderful lesson of corrective love. I am sure this woman was so overwhelmed with this silent acceptance and love she felt coming from Jesus. She was expecting to be rejected, condemned and torn apart but instead she was loved in a wholesome way that healed her heart within and gave her the strength to give up her past, her sinful ways and become a new person altogether. The results are obvious she became one of the closest followers of Jesus. Down the years there have been numerous testimonies of people who were addicted to self-destructive traits and habits but were redeemed by this same saving love of Jesus.

I wonder… Are we up to the challenge? Can we dare to embrace this fallen and struggling Tiger Woods and give him the chance to begin his life again? If we do, we will be able to see a brand new hero stand up… one who has risen from the ashes. Doesn’t our time and culture need a hero like this? Yes, we need a hero who has made mistakes, learnt from it and saved his marriage, his family and won our respect back again. Perhaps all those who struggle with failed and broken marriages will see Tiger Woods and say, ‘If he could save his family, then we can too’.

I would say, ‘Tiger Woods, don’t lose hope. You are on the right track. Go, win this battle and win your family back. We stand with you!’

Folks, I hope you do too. 

10 December 2009

Truth and Justice

The truth should speak for itself
For if it doesn’t, injustice will prevail

The problem with our courts of justice is
That they don’t look at the situation as it is
But rather at how it is represented
So when a criminal is represented as an angel
And the court buys it
Justice is perverted
And the court becomes criminal too
Perpetrators of injustice
On the helpless innocents.

Thousands and millions perish
Live in despair and cry
Because of this great injustice
When judgments are bought for a price.
The hand that should correct and protect
Becomes the very hand that maims and kills
Hearts, minds, souls and spirits
When they are crushed
Though they did no wrong.

Isn’t this predicament far worse than the first?
Then – they felt that someone would help,
Understand and do them justice
And now – all hope turns to despair,
Pain and torment as they cry
“There is no one who would help!
There is no hope! We are finished!!”

Would not the halls of heaven
Resound with cries of sorrow
Of souls trapped in circumstances
Crying for they can see no tomorrow?
For there, no bribes
Nor destruction of evidence
Can save a criminal’s skin
The cause of true justice is upheld
The victory can be won.
The compensation there is restoration
And losses turn into gain.

O unrepentant man!
Turn from the road to fraudulent gain
The violence you create will one day end you too
Nothing you amass through another’s sorrow
Will ever do you any good.
Haven’t you read the tales of old
Of thousands who perished in greed
So why carry on through the glittering road
That leads to the doubly dead?

The Tongue

It only took a moment
One spark
To burn the whole thing down
This thing that meant so much
To so many people.

A violent man
Sparked fires in people’s hearts
They moved into a frenzy
A mob with sticks and swords came
Suddenly from almost nowhere
Someone struck a match
And threw it on the tenement
And everything was flames.

A tongue can such great misery make
It can kill people, ruin homes
Destroy public places
Destroy the present and extinguish futures
Is there no remedy for the violent tongue?

On another plane
A vicious tongue
Keeps lashing everyday
It curses and complains
And twists every which way
I dread to see the fallout
Each time I hear the sound
For everywhere are broken spirits
Lying crushed upon the ground.

Words kill the living spirit
That dwells within a heart
It doesn’t matter who said it
Whether family, friend or foe.
It kills hopes, messes minds
And breeds dread
Fills bitterness within the bones
That finally leads to illness
That saps away one’s life.

Must we not be careful
To sow words that tends to life
Instead of brandishing fire flames
That extinguishes their hope?
If one cannot have the heart of love
To build, to love and bless
Tis better to leave the tongue alone
And let it have some rest.

Just Dust

Just dust
A man died
He was buried
And he became
Just dust.

What is it about life
That we can understand
This frame we call a man
So much within him
And in a moment
It is gone
Becomes dust?

There was a soul
A spirit, a self,
Breathing, existing, living
A handful of infinite potential
Dreams to chase behind
It hardly took a moment
And now there is none.

Does dust have so much in it
That it could such a marvel make
A man with such uniqueness
Just one among the millions?
Can we just take a pot of dust
And recreate that man
Or blow a bag of dust in air
And replicate the Bang?

No matter how you look at it
What comes will have to go
Twas dust man was and dust he’ll be
Once the journey’s end he knows
We may imagine reasons
And through questions twist the truth
But it always has been happening
For ash is also dust.


Sometimes with form
Words dancing on a page
Playing with each other
Sometimes frowning
Or simply staring.

Relating to each other
Feelings mirrored
Thoughts traveling
On a journey
Through infinity.

A fire sparked
In someone’s psyche
Finding its home
In other’s hearts
Sometimes just soothing
Or simply fooling
Sometimes a cause to act on
A call to stand up for and
Be heard.

I look at my life
And see
Poetry in waves and colors
What a beautiful canvas
The Master has painted…
How the hues of pain add depth
And the little joys add light
Ah! The joy!
Poetry is me!

09 December 2009


Shaping thoughts
Expressing feelings
Creating dreams and visions
Exchanging mindsets
Sharing memories
Defining values
Seeking refining
Strands of reality.

Blending breaking
Mending making
Trusting believing
Opening closing
Sealing for an eternity
The meaning of being
The is, was and will be’s.

Seeking answers to questions
Why what and where
Reasons for everything
Approximate exact
Somewhat vague or defined
A bridge to understanding.

Transforming the present
Giving information
Enlightening the mind
Changing the course of time to come
Charting the road to tomorrows
Telling the difference between
What’s gone, will never be and now.


I don’t know if I know…
How to define 

Some relationships break you 
Some help make you 
Others stifle you 
A few others mend you 
Amazing how people can be… 
Whether foe or friend! 

If you live alone and you’re lost
Drip, drop, drown in a world without seams
Without anyone to speak to
Without references to know your own mind.

Rules, laws and how to do’s
Crazy, restricting some may say
But left to oneself to make the rules
There is just no fun to play
Without someone to play along
And share in the game.

I can dream a million dreams
Climb up and down streams
Count stars and travel far
But after I’ve done it all…
What’s the point if there’s no one
That I could talk about it to?

I can feel a lot of feelings
Steal a lot of moments
For my memories… 
Win a great victory
But oh the loss!
If no one is there to evoke the feelings
That share and care
And celebrate with me!

Some people I love to hate
They define what I dislike,
Don’t believe in
Or wouldn’t be caught with even in my dreams
They draw the lines of what I am not
They don’t know it
But they too play a big part in defining me.

The chats, the laughter, the tears…
The thinking after when it’s all over
What would we do without all that?
Where would we be without the ups and downs?
Just plain ordinary routine days and nights
Would drive us crazy…
Make us lazy
And make us bland.

I still don’t know what relationships are about…
But I do know one thing
I have learnt I need them…
More than meeting my needs
I need them to find myself,
Know myself, my boundaries…
My dreams, my opinions
And find my own comfortable world.

Knowing what I am and what I’m not
What I want and what I can live without
What I need and what is luxury
Helps me to define me 
Helps me to dream dreams
And become a visionary.

I need to look forward to a future…
That’s why I need relationships
Of all shapes, sizes and colours.
Hello there! How are you?
It’s really nice to meet you!

A black hole

Flitting from moment to moment, job to job….
I filled the time with things to do
Roles to live out
Needs to meet
Help to be given
Where it was seen

Years have gone by
I made choices
Ignored voices
Kept moving when things had stalled
Staying had run out of reasons

One look back at time gone by
‘It's gone!’ my spirit cries
Never to return
I make a vain effort to retrieve
Pull strands of invisible time
Lost, I’ve lost it all whatever was mine

Caving in to the mounting despair
I fret about years
Give way to tears
A sinking feeling covers my being
Will I get out of this abyss?

Time gone by is no more the worry
Time left in hand is paramount
My whole focus of existence now shifts
How will I pull myself out of this rut?
Living to please others has had a casualty
The price I had to pay was ‘me’

Searching inside for some pointers
I seek the voice I did not heed
I call out and wait for a response
Hello! Is anyone there?
No sound… just silence

I look at the trash heap, my life
If only I listened when the voice had called
I would have had a better story to tell
A guide it would’ve been to take me home
Home where there’s fulfillment and peace
A life well lived, a legacy to leave behind

Cough! Cough! Sputter! Spatter!
Something just came back to life
I rush at break neck speed to its side
Ah! I feared you wouldn’t make it…
The voice smiles

Now its time to leave this place it says
But how? I’m in a rut I plead
I have no strength no ideas to get out of here
Just trust your heart
It has all the answers it said.

We combine our strengths
My desperation and its confidence
At countdown we pull with all our might
This fight is for my life, myself and me
Suddenly I see the light I’m free!
Out of the black hole, I’m on a journey discovering me!