24 January 2018

Turn around - Look you’ve come so far

So many setbacks
So many obstacles
You’ve travelled too far
Yet you think
You’re not fulfilled
Stop, look and think.

Look again
You will see
You are much more
Than what you think
You have come quite far
From where you had begun.

Very few can ever know
The battles you have fought
To come this far
The gaps and voids you lived with
You walked without help
Every step is a milestone.

It is easy to achieve success
When everything is handed over to you
Real greatness comes from the humbled
Who had no one to lift their head
Try running a race when you limp
Or flying when you have no wings!

Survivor, overcomer, victor
These are words you should wear
Inside your soul
They are embossed
No one can take away
Your victory

Henrietta Decruz