24 July 2015

Seeking Answers

I seek release
From the heart crushers
The news that kill
My joy and hope.

There is so much
Of evil happening
In the world today
I wonder if I belong.

I hear of people
Losing their lives
For no reason.

I hang my head
In shame
When I think
This is my kind.

How do I face
Life tomorrow
As things only get darker
And evil prevails?

I realize
I have to answer
Only for my deeds
I gather myself.

I can speak
I can protest
I can stand up
For truth and justice.

But beyond that
I can do more
I can be positive and spread light
Live a life that inspires.


I am disappointed
With words spoken
Without meaning
Promises made
That are empty.

Why speak hollow words
And give someone
A reason to believe
That you will be fair
And just to them?

Why project an image
Of being a good person
If there is no goodness
Within too
Why pretend?

I’m tired of giving my best
To people
Who have no respect
For what I give
And who I am.

I’m tired of waiting
To be counted
After having made sacrifices
and giving when
it hurt to give.

In this dismal scene
It is so refreshing
To meet someone
Who means what they say
And cares, simply cares!

17 July 2015

No Rainbow

Where is the rainbow?
After a life of storms
I sat and searched the sky for a rainbow
My eyes strained…
But there was no color to greet my eyes

Another shower came by
And as in cue
The thunder and lightning too
Made their presence felt
I strained my neck… still no rainbow!

Feeling tired of chasing rainbows
I decided to give up
Find a better pastime…
As I was musing over it
I felt a breeze brush past me.

Sure enough the wind was teasing me
It pushed away some stray leaves
Making them dance and twirl
What a way to catch my attention!
I smiled to myself.

My friend the wind knew just what to do
To make me come alive
He would caress my skin and play with my hair
And tug at my dress from time to time
Just to let me know he’s there.

After a while of this romancing
I didn’t even notice one day
After a heavy downpour of rain
There stood a proud rainbow
Beckoning at me, “Here I am!”

I looked at the rainbow and said, ‘Wow!’
Just then my friend the wind whistled near my ear
And caught my attention yet again
I realized it is not the fleeting things we live for 
But those simple things that make our lives meaningful.

~ Henrietta Decruz