10 June 2017

My Beautiful Mother - Reenie Decruz

Reenie Decruz

The years were hard on her
Traveling all over the country
The wife of an Indian Air Force man
With four children to look after
And an unenviable budget
Yet she had big dreams...

It made her work so hard
It made her make many sacrifices
It made her suffer a lot of grief
So many misunderstood her
Her journey was so singularly different
That no one could relate to it.

She was quiet in her younger days
She would sing like a lark
The difficult days stole her voice from her
And made her tough like a rock
If anyone would dare to do anything to her children
She would fight like a warrior!

Four children, four walls...
No outings, no luxuries...
As a girl she was treated like a princess
Lavishly loved by her father
Never knew want or lack
Yet past her marriage her story changed...

Gifted with an agile mind
She would have made a very good Teacher
Or even better still a Lawyer
Robbed of her potential
As she couldn't pursue higher education
She fought hardest to educate her children.

Today I salute my Mother Ann Catherine Helen
Reenie she is called by those who love her
If she was not there my father would have no strength
And we her children would have no future
She prayed the best she could in the days of struggles
May the Lord bless her with the very Best for the rest of her days!

~ Henrietta Decruz