21 June 2018

An Old Song & A New Journey

It has been a while since the ‘Good Old Golden Oldies’ have been tugging at my heart. They were reminding me of the times when I was just a quiet little girl who would almost always be found near the radio listening to songs. These were the songs that played at that time!

I was a shy girl who didn’t like to come up in front when visitors came home and found it difficult to make conversation with anyone! (Well, that is history!)

Music was life to my soul! I breathe music and the melodies and rhythms of my favorite songs was everything to me. I would sing Hindi Bollywood songs, Western songs and even sit glued to the radio when classical music played! I loved almost every kind of music.

What was special about my singing along was that I would imitate the singer, whether it was male or female. I enjoyed mimicking Kishore Kumar, Mukesh and Mohammed Rafi as much as I liked singing along with Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle! I sang the Western numbers too!  

As time passed I noticed that the quality of songs in Bollywood movies came down drastically. Since I am a writer-songwriter, the lyrics mattered to me a lot. The lyrics of many songs that came then were terrible and I just could allow myself to sing those songs. Disheartened I left my post beside the radio. But the Golden Oldies lived on at every Antakshari I could be part of, any picnic or event where anyone loved them.

Anyway, many years later, some months ago, I wondered if I can still sing in the male voice as I used to. It took some weeks and finally I mustered up the confidence to sing and record it.

While a lot of songs dallied with my heart to be the first one… somehow the song “Aanewala Pal Jaane Wala Hai” from the film Gol Maal (1979) managed to grab my attention. So here I was downloading a karaoke track to sing too and recording my voice, mixing them and voila! My own cover version of the song happened! I was quite happy with the results so I decided to share it with my friends on Facebook. Their sweet comments and appreciation have made me smile much more than I usually did!

Here’s the link to check out my cover version of this song…

If you love the Good Old Golden Oldies’ I hope it rekindles old memories and makes you smile too!

My experience with this cover song has opened up a new chapter of the Good Old Golden Oldies once again in my life. I am happy that I can sing them and bring joy to so many people.

Smile and keep on smiling!!!

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